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Jen Harley Wiki, Age, Daughter, Relationship with Ronnie Ortiz Magro from “Jersey Shore”.

Image of Jen Harley Wiki, Age, Relationship with Ronnie Ortiz Margo from "Jersey Shore".

Jen Harley is a known businesswoman in the clothing line field. She is also a renowned model having more than 595,000 followers on her Instagram.

Whenever we search about anything about the model/businesswoman, her relationship issues with the star of Jersey Shore, Ronnie Ortiz Magro always tops the list. So, Jen Harley is more famous as Ronnie Ortiz Magro ex-girlfriend.

She has been registered and charged with many cases ranging from her foul behaviors to traffic violence, and drunk driving.

There have also been many occurrences where she has been in police custody. And also she has been arrested numerous times because of ill-treatment action towards her ex-beau Ronnie.

She is famous for appearing on “Filmy Vacation.” Read this to know Ronnie Ortiz Magro ex-girlfriend Jen Harley’s Wiki, age, and relationship history.

How old is  Jen Harley?

Jen was born on 28th Sept 1987 in the United States. As of 2031, she is 36’years old. The actress’ nationality is American by birth and belongs to the Christian religion. Similarly, the model resides in Las Vegas, USA.

Jersey Shore cast Jen Harley’s height is 1.56m, which is quite tall and she maintains a balanced weight of 60kg. On the same note, she has a slim figure with size measurements of 34-28-35 inches.

Jen Harley Wiki: Early Life, Education, Parenting

Harley inherited black eyes and golden hair from her parents. Also, her smile is pretty and charming, which attracts most people towards her.

However, Jen Harley from “Jersey Shore” has not revealed much concerning her parents, siblings, or education publically. She has a 13-year-old son from her previous relationship, which has also not been disclosed by her. Regardless, the kid’s name is Mason.

On the other hand, with her beau Ronnie, Jen Harley has a beautiful daughter, Ariana (born on 3rd of April, 2018). This year, she turned 5.

In terms of parenting, she has never been an ardent mother. Moreso because she leaves her kids alone at home and goes out for party and drinks.

Image of Jen Harley daughter Ariana

Jen Harley daughter Ariana

Her former flame also reiterated the same on one of his Instagram posts a while back. However, we are unsure of the authenticity of videos uploaded by Ronnie. Moreso because he deleted them showing Jen harming the kids and generally not being a decent mother.

Jen Harley Net Worth, Career Info

Well! We already know that she is a businesswoman in the clothing business and also a model, that means she must be earning a refreshing amount and yes! It’s true.

Jen Harley Net Worth is $5 million as of 2023, but her nothing exists on her exact salary. Of course! A business celebrity makes almost the same amount as Filmy stars.

Image of Businesswomen, Jen Harley

Businesswomen, Jen Harley

Relationship with Ronnie Ortiz Magro

Jen’s fans had lots of questions for her on instagram, and most of them were related to her personal life regarding her relationship with Ronnie Ortiz Magro.

One such issue was whether Jen Harley wanted Ronnie to propose to her, for which she replied -No. Likewise, her answer was still No when asked about settling with Ronnie in the future and having more kids.

Image of Jen Harley with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Magro

Jen Harley with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Magro

Based on Harley’s answers, we can say that Jen is 100% sure about what she wants in her life and how she wants her future to be. As per the sources, they don’t share romantic chemistry between them anymore.

Although they spend quality time with their 5-year old daughter named Ariana Sky, it’s only for the sake of co-parenting. When they are together, tensions, rise sky-high.

While taking Ariana to Disney World on June 12, 2019, the pair sat away from each other maintaining their distance in flight. The whole scenario meant that they are not at all in talking terms.

Arrest and Prison Sentence.

Things between them were going off abruptly. Even their seriousness of relationship used to be the headline of the newspaper when their daughter Ariana was born. Their relationship came to such a stage where the authorities arrested Jen Harley for allegedly beating and dragging Ronnie with her car following a barbecue in Vegas and outbursting her anger on him.

This incident happened two years ago on the 24th of June, Sunday. One of the department representatives reported to ‘Hollywood Life’ that the crime was a misdemeanour. Therefore, she instantly got her bail. Again, this New Year’s Eve -a horrifying incidence took place. Ronnie was almost dead with the bleeding nose when Jen Harley flung an ashtray towards him.

There, he filed a domestic battery report on 3rd Jan 2019. For this, an arrest warrant came to light on the 17th of April, and Jen Harley went under police custody. She went to prison the same on the 16th of May for a duration of 5 months. They had such a bad effect of each other that Ronnie went to rehabilitation for alcohol abuse in early 2019.

He also got diagnosed with depression. The actor developed much hate for her that when new of her arrest broke on the internet, he took to instagram and mentioned,”…to move ahead of daily routine, we need to change, and I can see the change, it is coming.” This action directly indicates his freedom from Jen.

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