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James Love ‘’DOC’’ from Street Outlaws Wiki-bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Job

James Love ‘’DOC’’ Street Outlaws Wiki-bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age

James Love, nicknamed Doc, is a street racer well known for driving a customized 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which he refers to as ‘The Street Beast’ as seen on the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Street Outlaws.

What he is lesser known for are things like his net worth, age, married life with his wife and his wiki and bio.

Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ married to wife or dating girlfriend?

Love married his high school girlfriend, Judy in April 1990 to become his lawfully wedded wife. Love and Judy have been sharing a happy married life for 32 years now.

The husband and wife also have two daughters together from their blissful marriage named Ashtyn and Haley. Like they say, “Happy wife, happy life”, we can see that since Judy seems happy, her married life to James must be healthy too.

Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ wife Judy
Caption:- Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ with his lovely wife, Judy.

Street Outlaws’ DOC Net Worth, Salary

In the world of street racing, the racers strive to make it to the list of people who have what it takes to be at the top position. Among various television programs that display the races, Street Outlaws is without a doubt a best among them. Street Outlaws’ stars are known to make quite a sum of net worth from their salary as being part of the show plus what they make as racers.

Love has managed to accumulate a large sum of cash as one of the most popular racers in street Outlaws. Street Outlaws’ DOC net worth is estimated to be close to the amount of $550,000.

Regardless of the fact that Discovery Channel has not revealed Love’s annual income, it is assured to make a significant contribution to his net worth.

Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ Net Worth
Caption:- Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ have a Net Worth of $550 Thousand

Wiki, Bio, His Job, Age

James Love, aged 54, was born on February 19, 1969, in Moore, Oklahoma. With Love’s father working as a concrete construction worker, he did not sail smoothly through his young age as a child.

In an interview with Dragzine, he stated that in the wintertime they would nearly starve to death surviving off of just beans, cornbread, and stuff, then when school was out in the warmer months, he remembers working all summer just to get enough cash to buy clothes for the next year.

His wiki-bio states his vehicular obsession developed in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. He tells Dragzine,

‘‘My first actual car was a ’77 Monte Carlo given to me by my parents. We were dirt poor; I was given mom’s car to help my brother and sister to school and to go to work so I could afford gas to get my brother and sister to school.’’

Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ career age wiki bio
Caption:- James Love ‘’DOC’’ is currently 54 years old.

When the opportunity to buy a car with his own money presented itself, he opted for another Monte Carlo, but this time it would be a ’72 model going for $75. Further, into the interview with Dragzine, he adds, ‘‘put a timing chain on it and some rear brakes and drove that for quite a while.’’

Later on, Love attended the Universal Technical Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona and went on to become a diesel mechanic.

It wasn’t long before Love became the foreman at the town’s Peterbilt dealership and years later, he founded a repair shop, Southwest Diesel Service where he has been the sole owner since 2003.

Street Outlaws’ James Love ‘’DOC’’ family daughter
Caption:- Street Outlaws’ James Love with his lovely daughter.

Love decided to put his passion for auto motives on hold for a while, though not for long. As soon as the repair shop achieved some degree of financial stability, he leaped on the chance.

‘‘It was time. I needed to do something for myself,’’

he reveals,

‘’something I could get in and cruise and have fun driving it.’’

His brought his car, The Street Beast, on eBay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2003. At the end of the interview with Dragzine, he adds,

‘’I get asked all the time, ‘where do I start?’ start with your favorite car or start with what you can afford and work your way up. It is what you want.’’

His obsession with cars and speed drove him to car racing.

According to his wiki-bio, James Love joined the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Street Outlaws, in 2013 as one of its cast members.

He drove The Street Beast in the show, and as one of the most recognized racers in Street Outlaws, Love has made it to the number one spot on the top ten list.

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