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Jackson Galaxy Married to a wife Minoo Rahbar. His Net Worth and Weight loss details. His Gay Rumor Explained.

Jason Galaxy is not gay but married

Jackson Galaxy or popularly known as America’s official cat daddy is the host of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell. Prior to becoming the cat daddy, the cat behaviourist was born as Richard Kirschner until he changed it in his early 20’s.

57-year-old Jackson focuses on the relationship between the behavioural and physical health of cats. His successful career and net worth were achieved after overcoming several milestones.

Is Jackson Galaxy gay or does he have a wife?

Jackson Galaxy is married, and his wife name is Minoo Rahbar.

The cat daddy, Jackson Galaxy is indeed married to the beautiful wife Minoo Rahbar, also an animal rescuer. The couple got married on June 29th, 2014 in a rather odd setting. So far, they have been with each other for the past 9 years.

The ceremony took place in a pet sanctuary in Kanab, Utah called Best Friends Animal Society with their dog as a ring bearer where the couple got pronounced husband and wife.

The intimate ceremony was a private event attended only by family members and close friends.

image of Jackson Galaxy and his wife Minoo Rahbar

Jackson Galaxy and his wife from their wedding day

Jackson Galaxy met his wife while on a kitten rescue mission to raise funds and went out over coffee. The rest is history from there and have been living together in Los Angeles with six cats and their dog.

So there can be no bigger proof of him not being gay.

Jackson galaxy gay rumors or facts?

In interviews and seminars, Jackson always talks about the strange glares he gets from people who judge him for his love of cats. Sure, the majority of his audience and viewers are women, and the stereotypic belief that men should own dogs has never bothered him.

He is in fact married and uploads pictures of his beautiful wife on Instagram. He jokingly refers to himself as strictly bi-pet-sual owing to the fact that he owns both dogs and cats.

So as far as we are concerned, he is not gay and frankly, we are not sure how the rumors of him being gay even emerged in the first place seeing how he obviously isn’t.

Jason Galaxy's net worth and salary

Jackson Galaxy loves animals whether it’s dogs or cats

Net worth and salary, sources of income

Jackson Galaxy net worth as of 2023 is $2 million. Most of his fortune is from his TV personality and host of My Cat from Hell. Other sources include his private consulting practice called Little Big Cat Inc. that provides remedies for animals, mostly cats.

He made numerous other guest appearances in TV shows featuring cats such as Think like a cat and Cat 101. These are not the only source of income to add to Jackson Galaxy Net Worth.

In his spare time, Jackson is an author and writer. He has generated some income from his well-established books such as Catification: Designing a happy & stylish home for your Cat (and you!) and Cat Daddy that have sold thousands of copies worldwide.

This cat lover and tv star also own a YouTube channel where he gives tutorials on how best to take care and handle cats. Thus his great net worth is not all that surprising.


Jackson’s career kickstarted back in the 90’s where he worked in animal shelters while finding himself as a musical rock artist. This was after he graduated with his honorary Master’s degree in Fine Arts in acting. He partnered with Dr. Jean Hofve, a veterinarian and co-established the private cat consultancy center Little Big cat Inc in 2002.

He later moved to Los Angeles where he continued his private consultancy helping clients at home. He later appeared in Think like a cat on Game shows network.

His fame grew back in 2011 when he began as the host of My Cat from Hell. He, later on, appeared in web series Cat Mojo and had since then been involved in cat rescue missions and seminars.

So now you know about Jackson Galaxy career that gave him $1.5 Million net worth as of 2018.

Jackson Galaxy Weight loss, what’s the secret?

Like the rest of the world, Jackson also had an addiction. This was primarily with food. He reached a turning point and made a life-changing decision to rectify the matter when he almost died.

For Jackson Galaxy, there is no secret to weight loss. He doesn’t like talking much about how he had to undergo a gastric-bypass surgery to remove the excess fat from his body when he became overweight with over 400 pounds.

He now lives a healthier life with regular work out sessions. He mostly exercises with his wife and has quit smoking for good.

2 thoughts on “Jackson Galaxy Married to a wife Minoo Rahbar. His Net Worth and Weight loss details. His Gay Rumor Explained.”

  1. hi im in the uk jackson does a good job with cats as if did not many more would end up on street or shelters …. GOOD JOB HUN Anna from uk england xx

  2. How does one get HELP for a person with a handicapped cat that hasno use of the hind legs, a rescue & thi person refused to put it to sleep. This person is a Senior & has NOTHING beyond the SS check. Basically has been living for the past 6 yrs or so on the “kindness” of others who let them move in.

    But this handicapped cat IS UNABLE to use a litter box & anyone can just IMAGINE the damage a cat like that would do to a home. And this person is about to lose their home.

    Is there ANYTHING that Jackson Galaxy MIGHT KNOW OF to help this cat? Also, this cat is about 2 yrs old & “still in tact” & this person took in another male stray STILL IN TACT & these 2 cats have bonded. This person has a SHOT at government housing in a Senior building, but THE RULES ARE STRINGENT ABOUT CLEANLINESS & PETS.

    LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS from Mr. Galaxy OR ANYONE on how to get this cat help or placement to someone who is in their own home that MIGHT TAKE this cat? As this person is about to be HOMELESS because of their love & concern for this cat. They live in Nashville, TN.

    ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS TO HELP??? The person this person has been living in, wants them gone but this person has NO WHERE TO GO & “REFUSES” to give up this handicapped cat. They are a friend to me but I cannot help them with their issue myself.


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