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Ignacio Anaya García Wikipedia Bio, Family, Wife, Children

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Foreign cuisine always tastes better with a good story to back it up. Take the case of Nachos, for example; it originated from Northern Mexico sometime in the early 1940s and spread out all around the world. So what makes it so good that even people in the far corners of the world know of it? Well, here’s a treat on, Ignacio Anaya García’s Wikipedia Bio, family, wife, and kids that will hopefully quench your thirst search. Also, find out why Google made a Doodle in his commemoration.

Who is Ignacio Anaya García?

Forget the father, Ignacio Anaya García was the godfather of nachos. We say ‘was’ because he passed away in 1975, long before the internet became a thing. He was the guy who took ordinary tortilla chips with melted cheese and heated them to form the Mexican cuisine we all know and love today.

As the story goes, according to Ignacio Anaya Garcia Wikipedia bio, he first shared the dish in 1943 with a group of military wives. Ignacio was stationed at Club Victoria in a US military base located in Piedras Negras. On that fateful day, the wives swung by looking for something to eat only to meet up with him, mere a Maître d’.

Image of Godfather of Nachos, Ignacio Anaya García

Godfather of Nachos, Ignacio Anaya García

Ignacio tried looking for the chef but to no avail. Consequently, he improvised on the ingredients mentioned earlier and made Prime Nachos – the first batch – using Wisconsin cheese. He named them Nachos Especiales when asked upon his invention that lasted to this day.

Ignacio Anaya García Wikipedia Info

Humility was Ignacio’s best feature; after the Nachos he invented of course. He was born on August 15th, 1895 in the small Acuña municipality in Coahuila, Mexico. However, he later moved to the state of Piedras Negras and lived there for over 18 years.

This would be the place that would put him on the forefront as a World Legend. There isn’t much to work with, especially in regards to his career. However, sources indicate that Ignacio Anaya García worked at a nearby bridge that was next to Club Victoria, later renamed as The Modern.

After his invite, the rest is history. The Mexican culinary inventor died at age 80 in Piedras, Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. The Google Doodle made on August 15th, 2019, in his commemoration would have been his 124th birthday.

Ignacio Anaya García married to a wife? Kids?

According to Ignacio Anaya García Wikipedia, he did leave behind a legacy that lives on for the rest of the world. However, his bloodline would see his succession with a total of nine kids. Ignacio’s wife was Maria Antonieta Salinas. There are no details regarding his wife, details on their marriage or their kids.

However, we know of his son Ignacio Anaya Junior, a former vice president of a bank in Eagle who filed a patent to personalize the dish. Sadly, it was too late, and he never got the license. Nevertheless, his father left behind a restaurant called El Nacho, which he founded in 1960.

As we speak, the small town of Piedras Negras has its very own Nachos convention or festival in October. Moreover, they even mounted a plaque statue to honor his legendary culinary skills. Nachos sell just as much as popcorns do in movie theaters and football stadiums!!

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