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“Heavy D” Sparks Wiki-Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age.

Image of "Heavy D" Sparks Wiki-Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age.

Heavy D is a man who features on the popular reality show, Diesel Brothers. In this review, take a look at the man’s life. We will focus on Heavy D wife and Net Worth.

Hopefully, this will help us gain a better understanding of Heavy D. To cap it all off; there will be a detailed wiki-bio at the end.

Who is Dave “Heavy D” Sparks?

Dave Sparks, better known as Heavy D, is an American Diesel vehicle enthusiast. Diesel vehicles are his life, as he has always had a passion for it. The soon-to-be reality star first worked on his Yamaha YZ80 in 1976, putting it through the works with decent customizations and upgrades.

He was able to do so as he learned fabrication, mechanics, and welding while in high school. Heavy D would also gain more experience from his time working at an ATV and motorbike business.

The star would then try having a college experience for a few semesters before eventually deciding that he was better suited getting his hand dirty in garages.

This saw him drop out of school and take up a job working for his uncle at his heavy equipment building enterprise. This is where he met his soon-to-be business partner and friend, Diesel Dave Kiley. Thanks to their shared passion, the two became fast friends.

The two ventured out into business together, founding DieselSellerz. They would fix and upgrade diesel vehicles together. After a time, they decided to record their work and set up a YouTube page where they posted everything.

Their page garnered a lot of fanfare, and this is what prompted executives at the Discovery show to give them their own show, Diesel Brothers.

Image of Heavy D from tv reality show, Diesel Brothers.
Heavy D from the tv reality show, Diesel Brothers.

Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Net Worth.

If there is a career as lucrative as being on television, then we have not heard of it yet. On average, for instance, stars can earn well over 20,000 dollars for every episode they appear in.

Most reality shows usually get upwards of 10 episodes every season. So, the potential to make money is there.

That said, Dave Sparks has garnered a net worth of $8 million in 2023. One would assume that most of this wealth comes from his time on screen, but let’s not forget about his motor car enterprise, DieselSellerz.

It earns a fair bit of revenue for him and his business partners. Heavy D also makes money from Diesel Brothers merchandise.

Image of TV Personality, Heavy D net worth is $2 million
TV Personality Heavy D net worth is $8 million

Heavy D is Married to his wife, Ashley Bennett. Meet Their Kids.

Heavy D is a family man. His wife’s name is Ashley Bennett. The two met back in 2009 when the star was out and about in church, of all places. The connection was instant, and Dave did not waste any time asking his future wife out.

The two would go on to date for a year before Heavy D finally popped the question. They have been married for over ten years now, and life is nothing short of wonderful for the pair.

Diesel Brothers cast Heavy D and wife  Ashley Bennett Sparks, who have four beautiful children together: Beau, Williams, and Charley Mae Sparks. Their youngest son’s name remains undisclosed.

He was born very recently. The family resides together in Bountiful, Utah. Dave regularly posts pictures of his wife and children on social media, and all of them seem to be very happy together.

Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Wiki-Bio, Family, Age.

Full name Dave “Heavy D” Sparks
Age 38 years old
Date of Birth January 5th.1985
Place of Birth Lake City, Utah, USA.
Profession Television personality, reality star, businessman, Custom vehicle builder
Net worth $ 8 million
Wife Ashley Bennett Sparks
Kids 4
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn.
Parents N/A

 Dave Sparks was born on the 5th of January 1985 in Lake City, Utah. He is currently 38 years old. Not much else is known about his early life either, except that he always displayed an enthusiasm for cars.

It would lead him to take up fabrication, welding, and auto mechanics classes while he was in high school.

Dave would follow this up by attending Webster State University. However, after a short stint in college, he decided he would benefit more from hands-on experience.

This is when he decided to join his uncle’s venture. It was while here that he would become acquainted with his future business partner.

From then on, they would jointly start DieselSellerz, building a name for themselves as they customized vehicles all across Utah. Their innovation reached an all-time high when they decided to record themselves working and post them on YouTube.

This is how he got his start on reality television, and the man hasn’t slowed down since.

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