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Heavenly Kimes Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Sisters.

Image of Heavenly Kimes Family, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio

The life of the Married to Medicine star, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, is nothing short of a script from a Disney movie. Even though she had her fair share of struggles in the initial stages of her career, Heavenly Kimes has come a long way.

She is presently very successful, both in the field of cosmetic dental surgery and reality television. This has led her to achieve a substantial net worth.

A stable relationship with her husband and continuously improving salary earnings are only a few glimpses of her incredible life. Let us dive a little bit deeper with the following information on Dr. Heavenly!

Net Worth and Income.

Heavenly Kimes has a net worth of $4 million in 2023. Kimes started her medical career immediately after securing her doctorate in dental surgery.

Image of Married to Medicine cast Heavenly Kimes net worth is $4 million

Married to Medicine cast Heavenly Kimes net worth is $4 million

Heavenly Kimes’ medical experience has enabled her to open a private practice. It is known as ‘Smiles by Dr. Heavenly.’ As per sources, the doctor’s substantial net worth is also supported by the salary earnings and net worth of her husband.

Reports have stated that Heavenly Kimes obtains annual earnings of $160,000 every year on average, while her salary for every episode of Married to Medicine has been placed somewhere near $75,000.

Just when you thought that this is all that Heavenly Kimes has on her table as sources of income, we come across her other roles as a relationship counsellor, motivational speaker and as author.

Image of Heavenly Kimes from Married to Medicine show

Heavenly Kimes from Married to Medicine show

Heavenly Kimes is Married to Husband Damon Kimes.

Viewers of Married to Medicine must know that Heavenly Kimes is married to a fellow doctor, Damon Kimes. He is her husband.

This is not surprising, as they share the same passions, interests, and professions. They have a very healthy relationship compared to others. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Damon Kimes have experienced 26 beautiful years together.

Image of Heavenly Kimes with her husband Dr. Damon Kimes

Heavenly Kimes with her husband, Dr. Damon Kimes

The husband and wife met during their studies at Meharry Medical College. Love followed suit as both of them turned into college sweethearts. Heavenly Kimes from ‘Married to Medicine’ has not revealed any comprehensive details about her personal life and has kept her married life under wraps for a long.

This level of secrecy maintained by Dr Heavenly about her married life is the sole reason why the details about her dating with her husband, Damon Kimes and their engagement date have not been found.

Image of Heavenly Kimes with her husband Dr. Damon Kimes and with their kids

Heavenly Kimes with her husband Dr. Damon Kimes and with their kids

However, it is known that the couple dated for almost three years before getting married, and this fact was verified by an Instagram post by Dr Heavenly Kimes where she stated that she had been married to Dr Damon Kimes for 26 years and they were together for 29 years.

The couple has been able to maintain the stability of their relationship by managing their respective careers effectively. Dr. Damon Kimes is presently working as the Chief Medical Officer at Roswell Pain and Weight Loss Specialists.

He is a renowned pain management physician, with his annual earnings amounting to $240,000 on average every year.

Heavenly Kimes and husband Damon have been blessed with three children, two sons, and a daughter, although there is no clear information about the identity of their children.

Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts

Dr Heavenly Kimes was born on November 17, 1970, in Florida. She is 52 years old. Presently, there is no detailed information about her parents and siblings.

She graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Chemistry and Military Service.

Later on, she was successful in obtaining her doctorate in dental surgery from Meharry Medical College with top honours. Some of the other details about Dr Heavenly Kimes include her followers and activity on social media.

She has been known to post many images of herself with friends and family on Instagram and Twitter.

Heavenly Kimes from ‘Married to Medicine’ has 1 million followers on Instagram and more than 99.4k followers on Twitter. Another motivational fact about Heavenly Kimes is her dedicated effort to weight loss for over two and a half years, which led her to lose almost 75 pounds.

Age 52  years old (November 17, 1970)
Net worth $4 million
Spouse Dr. Damon Kimes
Kids Two Sons and One Daughter (Names N/A)
Occupation Dentist, philanthropist, motivational speaker, Reality TV personality
Parents N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American


Dr. Heavenly Kimes has a net worth of $4 million and is married to husband, Dr. Damon Kimes.

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