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Heather Storm Wiki-Bio: Age, Birth date, Net Worth, Husband, Married.

Garage Squad Heather Storm

Heather Storm is an American television personality and an actress. The intelligent, beautiful and humorous lady has appeared in several movies and television shows.

Her breakthrough in her career came she appeared in the film of Garage Squad. The strong woman has gone against all the odds to be at the top of her career. Many commercial adverts have sought her expertize.

Let’s find out more about Heather Storm’s married to a Husband or dating a boyfriend. Also, Wait until you know her net worth, birth date, and age in wiki type biography.

Garage Squad Heather Storm is Neither married to a husband nor is She dating any boyfriend.

The Garage Squad hitmaker Heather Storm is a very secretive woman. She has never hinted on many media interviews that she has done about her having a husband.

So it is wise to say that she is not married, although she has never talked about anything in relation to this. Her social media account does not provide any clue either.

She has never introduced any man in her life and has never appeared anywhere with anyone purported to be his boyfriend. As far as we are a concern, Heather is not dating anyone at the moment.

However, we cannot rule out the possibility of her having a boyfriend given that she is a very secretive woman. Anyway, in case of anything, we shall be here to update you on the same.

Heather Storm is not married not dating any one

Caption:- Heather Storm is Single

Source:- The Network Studios

Her Net Worth

Heather Storm has not shared any information about her net worth. However, reliable information has put her net worth to be way over $1.8 million.

Her main source of income has been through her many investments in the business, her acting and also she is handsomely paid for her appearances in reality television shows.

She is also the CEO of her company Black Lab Mixology Boutique and Consultancy which brings her a good income. This net worth is subject to increase with time.

Heather Storm Net Worth is over $1.8 Million.

Caption:- Heather Storm Net Worth is over $1.8 Million.

Career and profession

Heather is a multi-talented woman. Her career in television and her numerous appearances in many television shows have made her famous, and she has commanded a good following.  Many movies have featured in Heather, and such movies include Not Bad Days, Nail Demon and Rush Hour 3.

The celebrated actress has also had a strong enthusiasm for the business.  She is a successful businesswoman and marketing expert who has specialized in hospitality, fine wine, spirit, and cuisine. The founder of Black Lab Mixology a boutique company and a consulting agency based in Los Angeles.

Her company has been noted a having done many businesses with notable organizations globally including Google, CBS, Neiman Marcus of Beverly Hills, Montgomery Distillery and has provided customized activations for many celebrities.

The iron lady, Heather Storm was once a spokesperson for Mercury Auto Insurance. She was once employed by My Combat Channel as a sports reporter. Heather has been in records for appearing in so many commercial adverts.

Heather Storm have featured Many movies

Source:- eCelebrityFacts

The talented woman has also made several appearances in many television shows. She, alongside another notable cast, has appeared in the reality television series of All Girls Garage.

Her appearance in Garage Squad was a turning point in her career and made her very popular television personality. In general, Heather Storm has appeared in more than a dozen television shows which include Tosh O, 1000 Ways to Die and Surviving Disaster among others.

Before the 6th season of All Girls Garage aired, Heather told fans that she was officially bowing out from the series. She’d no longer be a co-host on the popular Velocity channel show. Storm told her fans that she was sad to leave, though looking forward to trying out a few new things.

Wiki Bio

Heather Storm was born and raised in Montana. Most of her childhood years she was in the foothills of Large Snowy Mountains.

Her childhood environment was the basis of her career as she grew up fascinated by adventure, conservation and general appreciation of nature.

While in college, Heather studied biology, and she is a professional Environmental Biologist, and she has often engaged in conservative tourism in most countries she has toured the world.

Heather Storm age is 55 Years old

Source:- MySpace

Heather posses rare attributes such as high intelligence, cognitive and she is a beautiful woman with attractive personality. She has often been described as a renaissance woman of the 21st century on many occasions.

Her beauty and bold appearance in the TV  has become an inspiration to many young women.

Age: How old is Heather Storm? Know her birthday, birth date

Heather Storm was born on May 24th 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She turned 31-years old a few months ago.

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