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Harry Hill’s Net Worth? Meet Harry Hill’s Wife Magda Archer.

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How far will you go to follow your heart? Will you quit your career as a medical doctor to pursue a career in comedy?

Here is a story about English Comedian Harry Hill, an English comedian, TV presenter, and author who, after spending five years in college after graduation to become a medical doctor, tossed his faith to comedy and found success too. This article will talk about Harry Hill’s net worth.

The Host of You’ve Been Framed, Harry Hill, is a wealthy man, and to add to that, he has been happily married to his spouse since 1996 and has three adorable children.

So let’s get to know Harry Hill’s TV Burp star and his family live with his wife, Magda Archer (an artist),

Harry Hill Worth: $19 Million.

Harry Hill has written 18 books in total, and most of his books are available on Amazon and Kindle both. His writings, at some point, have been England’s best sellers.

Hence, he pretty much has made over a million dollars from his book royalties. Hill’s book ranges from $5 to $7 on Amazon and $2 to $3 on Kindle. Income from Book sales also adds up to Harry Hill’s net worth.

Additionally, he also did a successful movie named “Harry Hill The Movie” and still is a TV comedian with one of the longest comedy shows. His current net worth is $19 million as of 2023.

Image of Harry Hill taking a morning walk along with his pet dog

Harry Hill taking a morning walk along with his pet dog

This funny man, however, was once a victim of identity theft in 2006; a sum of £280,000 was stolen from his bank account, but the comedian despite stressing over it made jokes about it.

With his successful TV career, Harry Hill has made a lasting impression on the public and has inspired younger people to follow their dreams at any cost.

Harry Hill is Married to wife Magda Archer

Hill over the years has proven that he is a one-woman man happily married to artist Magda Archer since 1996. The details about how the duo met are kept secretively, but they reportedly tied the knot in Wandsworth, London.

Image of Hill Duo Attending Four Candle Artist and Family Friend Ronnie Corbett's Funeral

Hill Duo Attending Four Candle Artist and Family Friend Ronnie Corbett’s Funeral

Currently, the duo resides in Whitstable, Kent, with their three daughters.

Who Is Harry Hill?

Funnyman Harry Hill is an English tv personality who’s Alma mater says he is a medical school graduate from St George’s Hospital Medical School.

Hill was born in Woking, Surrey, on October 1, 1964, as Matthew Keith Hall and grew up in Staplehurst, Kent, where he attended primary school.

When Harry Hill was 14 years old, his family shifted to Hong Kong for two years, so Hill attended a school in Hong Kong for two years and returned to England at the age of 16.

After completing his high school from Angley School, Hill obtained a degree in neurosurgery from the University of London and did his apprenticeship from Cranbrook School in Kent and St George’s Medical School.

Hill, before fame, worked as a house officer at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, but he quit the job as he “didn’t feel in control of what was happening” and took the position of a radio host.

You’d be surprised to know that Hill is still registered as a Medical Practitioners in Medical Council.

He is best known for his self proclaimed shows such as Harry Hill’s Fruit Corner, Harry Hill, Harry Hill’s TV Burp. Additionally, three of his shows You’ve Been Framed and Harry Hill’s Tea Time, and Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule are on air and very successful.

Image of Can You Out Do Comedian Harry Hill's Expression?

Can You Out Do Comedian Harry Hill’s Expression?

He is also an author for many children’s books, and his beloved wife mostly has creative control over his book’s drawings and designs, meaning his book’s covers are designed by his wife, who is a professional artist.

Harry Hill Wife Magda Archer Wiki, Biography

Hill isn’t the only famous star in the family, postcard designer and artist Magda Archer is also a massive star in the world of modern designing.

Details about her childhood and parents aren’t out, but she is a very learned artist and creator who also has her hands in her husband’s writing business as an illustrator and designer.

Image of Card Designer And Artist Magda Archer

Card Designer And Artist Magda Archer

Before Magda Archer opened her gallery with other artists for group exhibitions, Magda Archer studied at the Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art.

In 1996, she teamed up with Peter Quinnell to produced artwork for The Beatles Anthology, and since then, her work is profoundly valued by the pop culture groups.

Image of Magda Archer And Harry Hill Duo

Magda Archer And Harry Hill Duo

She also co-writes and does the illustrator for her husband’s book series: Harry Hill Fun Book. Some of her works on the fun book appeared in Peter Blake’s Liverpool Tate named About College in 2000.  Harry Hill’s wife Magda Archer wrote, illustrated, and released a lovely children’s book Watch Out Arthur!

Harry Hill Wiki Table, Age, Facts

  • Birth name: Matthew Keith Hall
  • Born: 1st October 1964
  • Current Age (age 58)
  • Birth Place Surrey, England Medium
  • Known For: Stand-up, television, films, and Books
  • Nationality: English
  • Education: St George’s Hospital Medical School
  • Wife: Magda Archer Married in 1996
  • Number Of Children 3 Daughters

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