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What happened to Jay on Wicked Tuna? Where is he now? Family, Married life, Wife, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

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What happened Jay on Wicked Tuna Family, Married life, Wife,

When it comes to reality TV documentary series, there are tons of them just in America, but one of the most popular long-running ones is ‘Wicked Tuna.’

Wicked Tuna is National Geographic Channel’s highly rated show where six ships and teams compete to catch as many tuna fish as they possibly can.

The show features a wide variety of cast members and all of their unique personalities. Recently one of the cast members, Jay Muenzer has been missing from the show. This has come to attention in no small number of people that enjoy the show.


What happened to Jay Muenzer from Wicked Tuna? Where is he now? Learn about all this and much more from Jay’s wife to wiki-bio and information from his family and married life.

Where is Jay from ‘Wicked Tuna’?

Hard Merchandise Jay Muenzer is a renowned celebrity because of the credits of the hit reality series Wicked Tuna. He is the first mate and part of the team boat, Hard Merchandise led by Captain Dave Marciano.

Hard Merchandise was the boat that won the 4th season of Wicked Tuna in 2015. Jay has been a part of Wicked Tuna since the very beginning and is an original member of the show.

While he is still active and can be seen starring in its 8th season but some fans have felt it questionable after his appearance in the Wicked Tuna’s spin-off show ‘Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.’

The spin-off show also has turned out to be a success and completed its 3rd season which included Jay with all his shipmates of Hard Merchandise. So is Jay Muenzer leaving the main show for its spin-off?

While we don’t have any official words from Jay or the show’s production team, it is safe to understand that he is not leaving the show. He is already starring in the show’s 8th season, and he has continued with the primary display while also starring in its spin-off.

Jay Muenzer’s Family and Married Life, Net Worth:

Now that the central question is answered about Jay Muenzer let us learn about his family and married life. There is not much to learn about though.

Jay Muenzer likes to keep it entirely hush when it is anything related to his personal life. We have no idea whether he is married or not so we can’t say anything about his wife.

Same goes for his girlfriend if he has one. He has not been very active when it comes to his dating life.

jay muenzner net worth salary age

Caption:- Jay Muenzner’s Net worth is estimated to be around $100,000

Looking at Jay in Wicked Tuna we can even assume that he does not have time for a girlfriend or dating life. He has to work tirelessly on a boat competing with other fishermen sailors.

Getting married must be the least of his concerns. His focus on work over family life may also be the reason of his massive net worth.

He is estimated to possess a total sum of around 100,000 USD. He makes such an incredible net worth thanks to his fantastic salary of more than 4,000 dollars per episode.

Jay Muenzer’s Wiki-Bio

Jay Muenzer From Wicked Tuna is an American fisherman and TV personality who was born on 18th July 1988 in Salem, Massachusetts.

He graduated from Salem High School in 2006 but did not pursue education any further to college for various reasons. Jay is currently 35 years old. He is best known for being the first mate of the ship Hard Merchandise in the American reality TV series, Wicked Tuna.

Jay from wicked tuna was introduced to fishing by his uncle, Dave. His interest in fishing only grew with the years, thanks to the happy memories from his uncle.

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