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Guys From Impractical Jokers Married, Age, Gay, wives

Impractical Jockers Married Life

Impractical Jokers cast members are characters which the public and indeed their fans and followers are very desirous to know about their personal life.

Recently, there has been a lot of argument about the relationship life of the “Impractical Jokers“, if they are married, their wives or if they are gays. This article seeks to find out all about this including their age. So, keep reading as we bring to your knowledge all you may need to know.

Are Guys from Impractical Married to Wives?

Out of all the cast members, only two are married, the other two are single.

Only Joseph Gatto Have Married on Impractical Jokers Team

Only Joseph Gatto Have Married on Impractical Jokers Team


Sal Vulcano

Sal Vulcano, a comedian, actor, producer and writer was born in 1976, he is an Italian American.

As a comedian and actor, Vulcano has made a name for himself having featured in the Impractical Joker; a comedy Tv show first premiered in 2011 alongside James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joseph Gatto.

Vulcano and the other cast members all attended the same high school, and after their college, they lost touch with each other but were last reunited by the comedy show.

The Tv show which has the actors prank each other in public under hidden cameras and whoever does not do the prank was given a punishment. The aim of the comedy is to embarrass each other and create a sense of humor among the audience.

Is Sal Vulcano Married or a Gay

The actor/comedian from all indications seems to be more focused building his career. This is so because there has not been any rumor of him dating any woman. There is no record of Sal getting married, even on the media, and in all his social media account, he remained single.

In 2014, on an American talk show, Vulcano admitted been gay which left everyone in shock. Not quite long, he denied been gay and that he only did that to enable his friend Murray to come out with his sexual preference.

James Murray Married or Gay

Murray is one of the cast members and also the producer. James Murray has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

In 2014, Murray got married to Jenna Vulcano, the sister of Sal Vulcano and barely 24 hours of their marriage, it was dissolved. The dissolution came as a joke, but it turned to be real as both couples did not makeup.

James Murray married Jenna Vulcano

James Murray married Jenna Vulcano,

Source:-Impractical Jokers

James has also admitted been gay, this followed Vulcano’s revelation that he is gay, which made James come out with his sexual preference.

‘’ Seeing you being so courageous. Inspires me to confess something of my own. Fellas, I am gay too”

James said. Interestingly, Murr would eventually get married for real in 2020. A year prior to this, he had met Melyssa Davies, the woman he’d go on to marry, at his book party event.

They officially walked down the isle on September 25th 2020, in a ceremony officiated by his best friend.

Joseph Gatto Married or Gay?

In 2013, Joseph Gatto got married to a lady named Bessy in a low key and they both had a daughter and a son. In an interview with Brian, he said,

’Yeah, Joe’s the only one that’s married. The rest of us are not yet, which is gettin’ a little weird’ cause we’re hittin’ 40…’’

Joseph’s first daughter was born in May 2015 and the couple welcomed their son named Remington Joseph Gatto on 31st July 2017.

Joseph Gatto's Wife Bessy and children

Joseph Gatto’s Wife Bessy and children

Source:- Twitter

Quinn Married, Girlfriend or Gay?

Brian who is nickname Q was born on 14th March 1976. He is not married nor dating anyone at the moment. The last reported relationship he had was with his ex-girlfriend, Emily Amick.

They both dated for some time and later broke up. During the sunny days, both have been spotted together many times in the public and in the social media. Amick was a makeup artist for the Impractical Jokers.

Brian Quinn With His Ex-girlfriend Emily Amick

Brian Quinn With His Ex-girlfriend Emily Amick

Impractical Jokers Ages

One unique thing about all the cast members is that they were given birth in 1976, meaning that they are within the same age barrack.

Brian Quinn is 47 years and was born on May 14th, 1976, James was born on 1st May 1976, also 47, Sal Vulcano was born on 6th November 1976, will equally turn 47, and Joseph Gatto in 1976 also 47.

Impractical Jokers Gay

Sal Vulcano and James Murray

Sal Vulcano and James Murray

Source:- Yahoo

Sal Vulcano and James Murray have come out to ascertain that they are gays. They made this known in an interview in 2014.

Although Sal Vulcano has since denied this on the premise that he only admitted enabling Murray to come out in his sexual orientation.

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  1. What a laugh you lot are.
    I’m from England London and I ve lived in America for 17 years. I’ve Not had a laugh at a program as much as I laugh at yours. Would you ever consider putting a Londoner on your program? If you do please contact me.
    When I was younger (30) I would do very similar things with my friends in England we would do all sorts of very funny things when we would go out. I would love to tell you . Who knows you might use them .
    Thank you for bringing fun and laughter into a very serious world.

  2. The impractical jokers is the most funniest show in the world nobody can beat it and being lifelong friends makes it better because you know each fear and everything else about each other and it’s awesome I would love love love love love love love to meet each of you and I can’t wait to see your bound to be hilarious new movie

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