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Ghost Hunters’ Kris Williams Husband, Net Worth, Age, and Wiki Bio

Image of Ghost Hunters Cast Kris Williams Married To Husband Her Age, Net Worth, and Wiki Bio

Kris Williams is an American actress as well as an American Presenter. She is known for her small roles in movies but is also popular for her role in Ghost hunters as an investigator.

Kristin Williams was born on 20th February 1981 in Massachusetts in the United States. She lived with her family who were always open to paranormal activities due to the houses that they lived in.

In 2017 she got married to an Australian Pilot and travel writer. She currently resides with her Husband in Australia.

Ghost Hunters’ Kris Wiliams Net Worth.

For her education, Kris Williams attended Rivier College in New Hampshire for two years. At the university, she studies Communications.

She has been part of Ghost Hunters since 2004, which is a paranormal TV series that was aired on Syfy network. She later joined the cast of Ghost Hunter International in 2008

Image of Kris Williams Net worth is $7 million

Kris Williams Net worth is $7 million

She joined Ghost Hunters in 2011. Kris happened to be a huge fan of the singer and promised herself that she would not ask him a lot of questions during the interview. In the conversation, she mentioned that she had always been a fan for a long time.

Later on, in 2015, she announced to her fans that she did not want to go back to Ghost Hunters. This had most of her fans disappointed.

She, however, said that she was very grateful for the opportunities that she had all through the television program but got bored of having the same job over the years. She has also worked on other movies such as Diabolical Tales: Part 2 and The Lady Red Trio.

As of 2023, Ghost Hunter Kris Williams’ net worth is about $7 million.

Facts about Ghost Hunters Cast Kris Williams

This Ghost Hunters’ cast is also a writer and a photographer apart from being a famous actress. She is also an avid lover of travelling as well as investigating genealogy. She started studying her family genealogy at the tender age of 11.

Kris is also a member of the Atlantic Paranormal Society, which is an organization that is known to report on paranormal activities.

Ghost Hunters’ Kris Williams Married life husband.

Back in 2019, Williams revealed that she was getting divorced.  On the 28th of September, she talked about her impending divorce on her blog.

Kris went on to add that her marriage had been unhealthy, bordering on toxic. This is why she had to leave her husband, for her mental well-being.

Social Media Fame

She has a YouTube channel that has gained over five thousand subscribers. She does not post regularly but has had a few videos about her personal experiences in life and also shares some bits about her own life.

She uses the platform to make announcements to her fans. This is where she announced that she would no longer be a part of Ghost Hunters. She said that she did not like the fact that the new show portrayed ghost activities and also mentioned that she would not like to hurt a fellow investigator who she respected a lot.

Kris Williams also has a video where her fans asked her to answer some questions about herself. In the small video, she mentioned 34 truths and one lie.

In the video, she revealed that she had been involved in a car accident with a lorry, but she was luckily not hurt.

Wiki-Bio, Age, How Old Is Kris Williams? Facts

Age 42 years old
Height 5 ft 7 inches tall
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net worth $7 million
Married Divorced
Ex-Husband Captain Wingit
Birthday 20th February 1981

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