Freddy Maugatai From ‘Deadliest Catch’ Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Freddy Maugatai 'Deadliest Catch' Wife, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch is a reality TV series and documentary highlighting the lives of fishermen also the cast, as they struggle to catch all sorts of fish and crab under the cold climatic conditions. The show consists of many cast members including the Captain of the fishing vessels and their crew who are just as important as any. Here are a few facts about one of the crew, Freddy Maugatai and his career as a whole, Wife and Net Worth info.

Who is Freddy Maugatai From “Deadliest Catch”? Net worth

Fans of the show definitely know him as the agilest and charismatic guy on deck. Freddy Maugatai is a reality TV personality and fisherman by profession. He gained fame by starring on Deadliest Catch in 2011 and has grown to make a name for himself since then.

Deadliest Catch star Freddy Maugatai net worth and salary is still under review and will be updated just as soon as the information is known.


The Reality TV star got his beginnings on the show when he got cast on the show. However, that doesn’t mean he had not tried out fishing before. Being a Samoan, famous for their fishing skills, he used to catch any raw creatures he could find. He had never had of crab fishing until on one of his fishing trips the pot burst and inside contained a crab.

Freddy Maugatai from “Deadliest Catch” career started when he got inducted into the job by Tim Mahnke.  His first crew was the Wizard Crew where he was the veteran deckhand towards the end of 2011. His rookie deckhand career began when he board the F/V Cornelia Marie where he served for a few months.

Freddy Maugatai 'Deadliest Catch' career

Caption:- 48 Years old Freddy Maugatai’s first crew was Wizard Crew.

He served under Keith Colburn, the captain of the vessel. He made quite an impression as he always put his best foot forward tackling challenges with a positive mindset. He got nicknamed Lightning Bolt due to his energetic enthusiasm towards work.

He is always the first one to arrive on board and last leave. Creating a good working relationship with the rest of the crew altogether with his caring nature makes Freddy every Captain’s dream deckhand.

Freddy Maugatai Arrested

All that glitters isn’t gold. The hardworking star has had a run on the wrong side of the law leading to his arrest. On one of his visits to a hotel, he got into a fight with a couple where he put the guy in a headlock and used brute force on the wife by shoving her aside. In his statement with the authorities, he confessed it was all under self-defense.

This has not been the first case of misconduct for the Deadliest Catch Star. He was once fired by Captain Monte Colburn as a result of his questionable behavior with the stout team of the Wizard Crew. He was not punctual once after seeing the bottom of a bottle and missed the ship’s departure for Bairdi.

This Deadliest Catch fisherman later got hired by Captain Jonathan with hopes of getting him into shape in time. He gladly reformed and even took on a young protégé Philip Greenhorn.

Freddy Maugati is Married to Amanda Young.

The energetic young fisherman is married to his lifelong girlfriend now wife, Amanda Young. Together they have raised two kids, Annabella Naea and Alice Phillips. Details on the wedding are under wraps. However, the couple does seem to be happy living in San Diego, California.

Freddy Maugatai 'Deadliest Catch' Wife Amanda Young kids Annabella Naea and Alice Phillips

Caption:- Freddy Maugatai with Wife Amanda Young and kids Annabella Naea and Alice Phillips


Name  Freddy Maugatai
Age 48
Spouse Amanda Young
Kids two
Birthdate February 14th, 1973
Birth Place American Samoa
Net worth Under review
Height Undisclosed

Freddy Maugatai was born on St. Patrick’s Valentines Day in the year 1973 in the unincorporated territory of American Samoa. He is of Samoan heritage and has spent most of his life overseas in the Pacific.


The 48 -year-old, Freddy Maugatai reeks of positive energy as seen on the show. He even once jumped onto a dead walrus while at sea in the cold waters. Overall, he is quite unpredictable and gives his fans the dose of drama they need.

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