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Faye Chrisley Net Worth, Death, Age, Cancer, Wikipedia bio of Todd Chrisley Mother.

Faye Chrisley is an American reality star actress who is famed for portraying the role of Nanny in the American TV series, Chrisley Knows Best. She is Todd Chrisley’s mother.

In Spite of her advanced age, she is known to play her character energetically.

So, let us move and get to know more about the charismatic and full of life grandma. Our first stop will be Faye Chrisley’s net worth, Wikipedia biography, Death, Age, Cancer, Todd Chrisley and several more.

Is Faye Chrisley Dead?

Contrary to many internet hoaxes and rumors, 80-year-old Faye Chrisley is not dead. News of her death are just rumours as she is living a happy and healthy life.

Image of Faye Chrisley is fit and healthy

Faye Chrisley is fit and healthy

Her cancer.

Like her death rumour, Faye Chrisley was allegedly diagnosed with breast cancer. This was however fake. 

In an episode of Chrisley Know Best, she told her daughter in law, Julie Chrisley, that she felt lumps in her breast. Julie took her to a physician for ultrasound and mammogram evaluations. 

After several examinations, it came into the conclusion that Chrisley ‘s blue turned out to nothing serious. Such a scary situation enabled her son to take her and live in Nashville together.

Faye Chrisley Net Worth.

With her accumulated net worth, she is supposed to have a good life. However, in the year 2014, news surfaced that Faye’s son Todd Chrisley forced her out the home.

The reason was Todd unable to keep his mother at home. The talented and smart Faye Chrisley ‘s net worth is estimated to be at $600,000.

Faye Chrisley source of income comes from her career from the USA network’ s reality TV show, Chrisley Knows Best.

Image of TV actor, Faye Chrisley net worth is $500,000

TV actor, Faye Chrisley net worth is $500,000

Speaking about Todd Chrisley, his net worth is negative $1.5 million. He is in massive debt. In April 2014, Todd, along with business debt, had a mortgage loan of around $12 million.

The IRS also owe him more than $500,000 and even had an investment worth $4.4 million from his beloved wife, Julie Chrisley.

How old is Faye Chrisley?

Many thought that Chrisley Knows Best’ actress, Faye Chrisley was presumably dead. But thankfully, the news came out to be false. Moreover, other has also lightly claimed to be a cancer survivor.

The reality TV star, Faye is very much alive and healthy as of 2023. She is currently 80 years old.

Wikipedia, Bio (family, kids, husband other facts)

Born on September 2, 1943, at South Carolina, United States of America, Faye is of American nationality having a white ethnic heritage. There is no information about Faye’s parents, sibling’s details as she has such things under wraps.

Going on towards her personal life, Chrisley is a single widowed woman. She was previously married to her husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley.

The date of their wedding and dating history has not been disclosed.

Image of Faye Chrisley and her husband Gene Raymond Chrisely

Faye Chrisley and her husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley

However, the duo shared a happy and respectful love as well as affection to one another. Faye Chrisley’s husband, Gene Raymond Chrisley was a war veteran and served America during the Korean war. Gene even got a bronze star for showing bravery on the battlefield.

Faye has three sons with her husband. Their names are Todd Chrisley, Randy and Derrick Chrisley. However, the latter died when he was young.

Image of Faye Chrisley with her son Todd Chrisley

Faye with her son Todd Chrisley

She lost her loving spouse, Gene Raymond Chrisley on July 11, 2012, at the Emory University Hospital, Atlanta. Among her two surviving sons, Todd Chrisley is a businessman and reality TV actor whereas Faye ‘s second son, Randy Chrisley ‘s background and profession are still under scrutiny.

Image of Faye Chrisley son Randy Chrisley

Faye Chrisley son Randy Chrisley

But it was revealed by several sources that Faye ‘s son Randy has a son and diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2014. Apart from it, there is no further information about him.

Faye is part of large Chrisley family. She is a grandmother of 11 children through her sons.

Image of Faye Chrisley with her family

Faye Chrisley with her family

Wikipedia info.

Full Name Faye Chrisley
Age 80 years old
Birthdate September 2, 1943
Birthplace South Carolina 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White 
Profession  Television Personality 
Spouse Gene Raymond Chrisley (dead 2012)
Net Worth $600,000
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Martial Status  Single 
Children  2
Zodiac Virgo 
Social Media Twitter

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