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Eileen Walsh Biography: Facts about Jamie Hyneman Wife.

Jamie Hyneman is a famous name in America since he is a respected TV personality and an expert in diverse fields. With all the success that surrounds him, many people may be wondering whether he has a wife or not.

Well, the truth is that Jamie Hyneman is a happily married man to one wife who goes by the name, Eileen Walsh.

Below is a detailed biography of everything you need to know about Jamie Hyneman’s wife.

Who is Eileen Walsh? Her Career Details.

Eileen Walsh, as stated earlier, is the wife of Jamie Hyneman. According to her wiki-bio, she is a science and mathematics teacher. She teaches at Encinal High School, which is a coeducational institution serving grade 6 to 12. Reportedly, the school was established in 1952 and is strategically located in Alameda, California, in the United States.

Also, Jamie Hyneman’s wife Eileen Walsh is also a member of the California Science Teachers Association. Eileen Walsh has been a very key player in making Encinal High School famous.

Due to her marriage to Jamie Hyneman, Encinal High School has frequently featured in Mythbusters show. The school’s facilities, especially the pool and the football field have been used to host several shows.

In 2006, Mythbusters held a Q&A event in Alameda to help raise funds for the school. As far as Eileen Walsh’s career is concerned, it is not known whether she has taught in any other school.

Jamie Hyneman’s Wife Eileen Walsh Net Worth. Sources of Income.

Presently, Eileen Walsh’s net worth is not known. However, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle since her husband, Jamie, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Apparently, Eileen’s primary source of income is her job as a teacher.

Moreover, she definitely has a part in the ownership of M5 Industries, which belongs to her husband. To sum it all, Eileen Walsh is also enjoying a good net worth as of now.

Eileen Walsh Husband Jamie Hyneman. How They Met and Their Married Life.

Eileen Walsh’s husband, Jamie Hyneman, is a famous TV show host on Discovery Channel. He hosts a famous show named Mythbusters together with his co-host, Adam Savage.

Generally, Jamie Hyneman is associated with the black beret which he always loves to wear. Besides, 66 year old Jamie is also an avid boat captain, special effect expert, and CEO of M5 Industries.

Image of American TV host, Jamie Hyneman

American TV host, Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman met his wife, Eileen Walsh in 1984 at the Virgin Islands. At that time, Jamie owned a sailboat diving charter business in the Virgin Islands.

The two fell in love and began dating. Five years down the line, they decided to graduate their love relationship to marriage. Reports indicate that they exchanged their marriage vows in 1989. However, their wedding details are not recorded in wiki-bio sources.

Image of Eileen Walsh with her husband Jamie Hyneman

Eileen Walsh with her husband, Jamie Hyneman

The couple has been together since then, and they seem to be going strong in their married life. They reside together in San Francisco, California. Presumably, Eileen Walsh and Jamie made a perfect match for each other because they have a similar interest in science.

Their Kids

Just like many celebrity couples, Jamie Hyneman and wife Eileen Walsh are very conservative. Seemingly, they have decided to keep their personal and private lives away from the public spotlight.

Therefore, at the moment, there are no details in the wiki sources hinting about their kids. As a result, it is uncertain whether they have kids together or not.

Jamie Hyneman’s Wife Eileen Walsh Wiki-Bio, Age, Parents

Jamie Hyneman’s wife, Eileen Walsh, is by herself not a public figure. She has been very careful about being on the limelight despite her husband being a celebrity.

Her wiki-bio is bare. There is no information about her age, early life, education, parents and siblings in the wiki sources. However, she looks to be in her mid 60s judging from the pics. This tells us that she was born sometimes in the 50s.

Quick Facts about Misty Raney Bilodeau.

Name Eileen Walsh
Age Mid 60s
Nationality American
Net worth Under review
Husband Jamie Hyneman
Children Not disclosed

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