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Dr. Petra Mickova Wiki-Bio, Age of Dr. Jeff Young Wife Dr. Petra Young.

Dr. Petra Mickova

Dr. Petra Mickova is a reality Tv star and wife of Dr. Jeff Young also cast in the same TV show called ‘’Dr. Jeff Young: Rocky Mountain Vet’’. This article will find out facts about her age, wiki bio, her role in the TV series as well as some other important facts about her.

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Wife Petra

Dr. Petra Mickova who also goes by the name Petra Young is a reality Tv personality. She doubles as the wife of Dr. Jeff Young, who together, starred on the show, Rocky Mountain Vet.

The show centers on Dr. Jeff and his staff at Planned Pethood Plus as they take care of animals. She is one of the vet doctors with vast experience in the animal clinic and is considered to have invaluable skills when it comes to animal operations which has really helped in saving many lives.

Dr Petra and Her Husband Dr Jeff Young Treating a Dog
Caption:- Dr. Petra and Her Husband Dr. Jeff Young Treating a Dog.

Source:- Facebook

Dr. Jeff and his wife have always maintained a low profile on the media. Facts about their marriage and until 2016, no one knew Petra, and Dr. Jeff has never revealed being married.

Information about their marriage is unknown, but an unconfirmed source had it that they both got married in 2014 and Petra has been the one taking care of Dr. Jeff while he was battling cancer.

Dr. Jeff was reported to have said on his official Facebook page that, ‘’Dr. Petra is more than Dr. Jeff’s wife’’ an indication that they have a very close relationship.

There is no information about being divorced or dating. Want to know where Dr. Jeff Young wife Petra young is? Continue reading.

Dr.Petra Mickova and Her Husband Dr. Jeff Young
Caption:- Dr.Petra Mickova and Her Husband Dr. Jeff Young are always ready to provide proper treatment for the animals.


Nationality, Age

Petra Young is from Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic in central Europe. She is 52 years of age.


She was born in Czechoslovakia. Dr. Petra is married to Dr. Jeff Young of the Planned Pethood Plus, founded in 1990.

She is a vet doctor at the clinic, and she is one of the vet doctors with vast experience in the animal clinic and is considered to have invaluable skills when it comes to animal operations.

Their marriage is blessed with three children.

Net Worth

Some reports stated that Dr. Petra’s net worth as of 2023 is approximately $1 million. However, the husband Dr. Jeff is estimated to have a net worth of $200,000 and has conducted over 160,000 animal surgeries and has trained over 300 veterinary doctors.

Dr. Petra's Husband Jeff Young's Net Worth is estimated around $200 Thousand American Dollar
Caption:- Dr. Petra’s Husband Jeff Young’s Net Worth is estimated at $200,000

Their reality Tv show, Rocky Mountain Vet, ‘’Animal Planet has over 1.3 million viewers.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Jeff for talking about your diagnosis of cancer on a show I watched today called “Turning Point”, (originally aired on 07/02/2016). I was just told by my oncologist on 07/08/2021 that my cancer has suddenly flared up again, and I need Radiation and Chemo ASAP. I have been in shock and scared since then; haven’t told my family or anyone yet. I had surgery in 2006, another surgery in 2015, injections and infusion -I V treatments since October 2019, ongoing till now. I have tried a Chemo pill which made me so sick, and the Radiation machines kept breaking down. So I didn’t go back. I love animals and have three wonderful dogs who have kept me going with their demands and devotion. They are all rescues, keep me on THEIR schedules, and motivate me to stay alive. I found your show a couple of months ago and am “hooked”. Listening to you say that “cancer is out of our control”; that “our attitude is very important on how we approach it” ; and “it’s not healthy to stress our body out more by being scared”, was very sound advice. I see how the animals “stay in the moment” and get well faster. You have given me the encouragement I needed to face the upcoming treatments, and leave it all in God’s hands. A few jokes helped too. Take care of yourself and your wonderful staff. Peace.

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