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Dr. Oakley Vet Wiki-Bio; Net worth, Age, Married, Husband and Kids

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Dr. Oakley Vet Wiki-Bio Net worth, Age, Married, Husband Kids

In a world dominated by human beings, animals are often mistreated and subjected to a lot of inhumane treatment. So we cannot emphasize the happiness we receive when we get a chance to speak about individuals like Dr. Michelle Oakley.

The ‘Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet’ star is very famous for her show, but the show still misses out on a lot of her essential works all over Alaska and parts of Canada. So, today let us learn about her net worth and personal life.

From Dr. Oakley Vet’s Net Worth, salary to her husband and kids, learn all significant bits of her married life and career.

Dr. Oakley’s Net Worth and Salary:

Dr. Michelle Oakley Vet is just a good Samaritan who goes beyond her way to help and save animals of all kinds. Although it is less than likely, the excellent doctor does any of it for money, but still, her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $700,000.

The Vet’s official net worth still requires citation. However, judging from her probable salary, she receives from her veterinary service and two top-rated National Geographic shows; ‘Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet’ and ‘Wilderness Vet,’ her net worth must be higher if not similar to her current net worth.

Dr. Oakley Vet Net worth

Caption:- Dr. Oakley Vet’s Net Worth is $700,000.

It may seem like she as a colossus amount of net worth for a vet than you might want to check again. Dr. Oakley is not your everyday Vet, and she works tirelessly to earn the salary that makes her net worth.

Although she has her hands full with her clinic at Haines Junction village, Yukon, Canada, she manages enough time for a weekly clinical session in Haines, Alaska that is 148 miles away by the way. American Bald Eagle Foundation also shares her clinic in Alaska.

She is also an on-call vet who often do house calls for Yukon Wildlife Preserve and has also run research programs for Canadian Government. So she does have a surprising net worth but a deserved amount for her hard work.

Dr. Oakley’s Age:

Michelle was born on the 16th of September 1969 in Indiana. As such, she turned 54-years old recently. Despite being in her 50s, it does not show on Dr. Oakley’s face.

Meet Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Husband and Married Life:

Dr. Oakley is a very renowned veterinarian, and a part of her much-spoken characteristics is her professionalism. Maybe that is what has made her keep her private life including her husband and kids away from the public attention, or perhaps she hasn’t felt the need to bring up her family and married life up.

In any case, there is little known about her married life other than the basics. She is happily married to her husband, Shane Oakley.

Dr. Oakley Vet husband Shane Oakley

Caption:- Dr. Oakley Vet with her husband Shane Oakley

The two met when Michelle visited Yukon for her field trip during her undergraduate studies. She must have fallen for her husband who was a local firefighter then and there. In her bio, it states that her husband calls her by the name ‘Squirrel Girl’ probably for her love for animals.

The couple has since then lived a productive married life bearing three children altogether. All of their three children are daughters; Sierra, Maya, and Willow but they have been kept entirely in the shadows from her TV world.

She also has one more child in the form of her pet pug Daisy May Lover Pants.

Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Wiki and Bio:

Dr. Oakley is mentioned to be an Indiana native in her bio which automatically makes her American by nationality. Her wiki also adds that she received her undergraduate degree in Zoology from University of Michigan and completed her graduation in 2001 from Atlantic Veterinary College.

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