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Dr. Emily Thomas Husband, Married Life, Kids, Net Worth in Wiki Bio.

Dr. Emily Thomas from Dr. Pol

Dr. Emily Thomas played a significant role on Nat Geo’s the Incredible Dr. Pol. She joined Dr. Pol’s team as a veterinary service provider. Her unique relationship with flora and fauna and specifical horses can be traced back to when she was still a young girl.

Let’s find out more about Dr. Emily’s Married life, Husband, and kids. Also, check her net worth in wiki type biography.

Dr. Emily Thomas From Dr. Pol is married to a husband and has kids

Dr. Emily Thomas is married. She is married to her long-term boyfriend Tony in 2007 whom they met back in high school. Little information is known about Tony as he has never appeared anywhere within the glimpse of the camera with his wife.

Dr. Emily Thomas and her husband Tony have been blessed with three kids.  Their first child, India, was born on the 5th of September 2012 and is 11. Emily’s oldest son, Oscar, was born on the 27th of August 2014. He turned 9 this year. Dr. Thomas’ youngest child, Calvin, is 6.

Moreover, the family also keeps dogs, including one with three legs who is Dr. Emily favorite. The family also keeps domestic animal  s such as cats and horses and mules.

Dr. Emily Thomas's son and daughter playing

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Emily Thomas is a mother of two children with husband Tony

Source: Twitter

Her Net Worth and Salary.

Dr. Emily Thomas has made her some good cash in the Incredible Dr. Pol show. Her appearance in numerous episodes has not only earned her a name in the industry but also she has made a good fortune.

Generally, Dr. Emily net worth is not that clear but reliable sources have put it to be approximately over $500,000. This cash has been made over time through sheer hard work. It has often been said that( although not confirmed) in every episode she appears in the show she pockets $18,000.

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Emily Thomas net worth is $500,000

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Emily Thomas net worth is $700,000


Dr. Emily is a unique veterinarian who has animals needs at heart. She is a graduate of the Georgian University in the  College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She was attached to school farm majoring in large animals field services and in most of her time she was into learning equine production animals.

Her first major assignment was in Newberry South Carolina after her graduation where she majored in small expertise in animal husbandry. Here, Dr. Emily natured her skills and experience applying most of what she had learned in college in real life practices.

She often hailed her first assignment as it prepared her for bigger roles ahead. Dr. Emily eventually left Weidman Michigan, cutting her ties with Pol services.

Wiki Bio

Early years of the Verituinary officer in the Incredible Dr. Pol show remain a mystery so as her parents. However, DR Emily Thomas was born in 1989 in Warner Robins Georgia.

As a young girl, she was often fascinated by animals and their natural habitats. She was a very adventurous girl at her young age and spent most of her time roaming the woods of Georgia.

As a young girl, she was in constant contact with animals, and she developed an immense interest in them. It is for this reason that catapulted Dr. Emily to take up a veterinary course in college.

Dr. Emily graduated from University of Georgia college of veterinary medicine in 2010. She has joined Dr. Pol in the television show Incredible Dr.Pol and has developed immense following and respect for her dedication to animals.

Dr. Emily Thomas is married to the love of life Tony whom they met back in high school in 2007. The couple have three kids together, and they have often appeared together in social media.

However for her husband Tony, little is known of him. The couple with their kids are living happily together in Michigan.

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