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Dr. Dee Thornell’s Husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez, Age, Net Worth, Salary in Wiki-Bio.

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Dr. Dee Thornell’s Wiki Bio Net Worth, Salary, Age, Career

It takes a huge set of skills and experience to treat just people, so imagine how much intense the conditions are for treating animals. To understand it you have to meet someone like Dr Dee Thornell whom you might recognize from Animal Planet’s hit show ‘Dr. Dee Alaska Vet’.

However how much do you know about her besides what you have seen of her in the show? You may know that she is married, but who is her husband and what is their married life?

Know more about her husband and get a look at her career which is her source of income for her incredible net worth and salary.

You can also turn your attention towards her wiki and bio for any additional information.

Dr. Dee Thornell is Married To Husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez.

Either for professionalism or for privacy, Dr. Thornell has remained secluded from the topic of her husband. Rarely do we see her husband or family on the show. But regardless of that, she does have a husband, as she is married to Kenneth R. Rodriguez.

Ken is Thornell’s second marriage after her divorce from her first marriage. We do not know much about her first husband, Chuck, but her son Jesse James is a product of her first marriage.

Dr. Dee Thornell’s husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez marrued life family

Caption:- Dr. Dee Thornell’s with her husband Kenneth R. Rodriguez

It looks like Dr. Dee Thornell’s married and family life is going very well together. They met in 2005 and tied the knot 2 years later.

Many people have noticed that her husband, Kenneth looks much younger than she. So, they have been trying to find Dr. Dee’s Husband, Kenneth Rodriguez’s Age. No one knows his exact age, but sources claim that he is in his early 50s.

Dee Thornell, on the other hand, was born on July 29th 1958, which makes her 65. If that is true, the couple has more than a decade-long age gap.

But hey, Age is just a number, right? They are doing quite fine despite their huge age difference.

Dr. Dee has only generous words about her husband Kenneth Rodriguez, who is head of maintenance for several buildings in Alaska and also has pursued a career in flying.

Her son Jesse James is all grown up now to be 25 years of age. Her son used to be a motocross racer but gave the dangerous life up for a more secure one in auto-body repair.

Net Worth and Income

When it comes to career, you will be surprised to find that the estimated net worth of Dr. Dee Thornell is about $2 million. Her incredible bank account is not only limited to the source of her show ‘Dr. Dee Alaska Vet’.

She also has years of independent veterinary practice to thank for her massive net worth as well. She also is a professional hunter who has even hunted a 62-inch moose.

She even had a brief career in modelling, becoming the Ms. Alaska in 1996 and couples champion in bodybuilding in 1995.

So many others of her skills and talents also go in to make her vast net worth. The salary of Dee Thornell is unknown, but judging from the humongous fan following of the show, we can imagine it to be quite the sum.

Dr. Dee Thornell’s Net Worth

Caption:- Dr. Dee Thornell’s Net Worth is $2 Million.

On the first glimpse, it may appear as though Dr. Dee has had it comfortable with her career. But her rise to the top in the veterinary business was rough and tough.

Her first clinic was on the 2nd floor of a remodelled apartment over a Kobuk Fee and Fuel. Want to know how old is Dr. Dee Thornell? Read on.

Wiki-Bio & Age.

Dee Thornell is a 65-year-old medical professional with more than 25 years of experience.

Dr. Dee Alaska Vet‘ star completed her undergrad studies at Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine. She claims that to get to the top, she has neutered and spayed more than 36,000 animals.

She currently resides in Fairbanks, Alaska, with her husband of 13 years, Kenneth Rodriguez and son Jesse James. Her show ‘Dr. Dee Alaska Vet‘ airs on Animal Planet.

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