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Dr. Buckeye Bottoms wiki-bio, net worth, wife, married, age

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms wiki-bio, net worth, wife, married, age

The National Graphic channel has been great at bridging the gap between man and nature. Its sister channel Nat Geo Wild has done more than enough to provide not just entertaining shows, but also give more information on earth’s animal inhabitants.

From wild animals shows like Animal Fight Night to the domesticated Cesar Millan’s Leader of the Pack the channel seems to fetch the right audience. Today we get to focus on Dr. Buckeye Bottoms, a vet on The Adventures of Buckeye Bottoms. Get to know more about his net worth, age, wife, and wiki-bio.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms Net worth

Most celebrities in Hollywood like flaunting their wealth; buying luxury cars, million dollar mansions and showing off on social media. On the other hand, some are private about their wealth and are chilled about it.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms Net Worth
Caption:- Dr. Buckeye Bottoms have not reviled his Net Worth.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms is one such Veterinarian whose net worth is approximately $10 million. His source of income is his job for many years as an animal Vet on the move.

Other sources include his show on the channel that’s already aired three seasons.

Career: Rise to stardom after Starring in The Adventure of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms.

The doctor’s career kick-started back in 2006 as a veterinarian traveling all over in most parts of the Aloha state helping out wherever he can. He first started off as a practitioner in Santa Cruz before he realized he could do much more if he hit the road to find any poor animals in need of medical attention.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms had worked in Santa Cruz for over three years as from 2004. His mobile career started off in 2007 where he traveled to Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and Oahu. He is currently based in Kauai where he resides.

However sad it is he got his breakthrough after filling in for Dr. Scott Sims who died in 2015 owing to bladder cancer that he battled for two months. Scott also had his own show named Aloha Vet which was common in 2015 on the same channel.

Is Dr. Buckeye Bottoms Married to a wife?

The big animal specialist is in love with his work. It’s difficult to determine whether he is dating or is married since he rarely talks about his love life.

In fact, the only two things he never leaves behind while off to work is his surfboard and his dog, Kevin.

dr. buckeye bottoms dog Kevin.
Caption:- Dr. buckeye bottoms have kept his married life private.

On the same note, there is little information as to whether he has kids. The only family that he has revealed is his brother William Bodie Bottoms who support him. His other family is the animals he encounters on the way facing abuse and sometimes neglect.

Wiki-Bio, Age 

Name Dr. Bartholomew Buckeye Bottoms
Age 46 years old
Profession Veterinarian
Spouse Not disclosed
Kids Not disclosed
Birthdate January 25, 1977
Birthplace Unknown
Net worth Under Review
Parents Timothy Bottoms, Alicia Cory
Height Not disclosed

Dr. Bartholomew Buckeye Bottoms was born January 25, 1977, when his father, Timothy Bottoms was married to his ex-wife Alicia Cory before their divorce. That would make his age 46 years old.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms father Timothy Bottoms
Caption:- Picture of Dr. Buckeye Bottom’s father, Timothy Bottoms.

He grew up alongside his half-brothers and sister Bodie, Bridget and Benton born in that order. The vet received his bachelor’s degree in animal science at the California Polytechnic State University in 2000.

Further advancement landed him a Doctrine in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.


Dr. Buckeye Bottoms has been working for over 14 years while living in Maui for over ten years. He specializes in treating a variety of animals including dogs, pigs, cattle horses and much more.

Hopefully, with the new episodes, we’ll get to know about the undisclosed information about the veterinarian like his wife, age and net worth.

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