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Dr. Aubrey Ross Wiki-bio, Net Worth, Wife, Car accident.


Fans of Houston born local Dr. Aubrey Ross, famously known for his impressive skills ion Animal Planet’s The Vet Life took to social media sending heartfelt messages to the star wishing him a quick recovery after an accident.

So what happened to the star? Here’s a deeper scoop on the story as well as Dr. Ross’s net worth, loving wife and family.

Dr. Aubrey Ross Vet Married to wife?

Behind every successful man is a woman. We were first introduced to the loving Tauvia, Aubrey’s wife after he got involved in an accident.

She put her house hunting plans on hold to care for her recovering husband and was very welcoming to his friends and family who came to support them.

The couple lived in his mother’s house during the whole of season one as one functional unit with a fair share of laughter and drama.

Dr. Aubrey Ross family wife kids
Caption:- Dr. Aubrey Ross is married to his wife, Tauvia

Dr. Aubrey ross net worth, Salary, Source of income.

The reality TV series actor’s current net worth is $3 million. He keeps his pay cheque under wraps and away from public scrutiny.

He receives his revenue mostly as a medical practitioner specializing in Veterinary Medicine. Part of his valued net worth hails from his time as one of the cast members of Animal Planet’s family-oriented series, The Vet Life that has six seasons already aired.

Dr. Aubrey Ross net worth career salary
Caption:- Dr. Aubrey Ross main source of income is from his job as Veterinarian.

What happened to Dr. Aubrey ross? Details about his car accident.

In January of 2016, the fan favorite reality TV star got involved in a gruesome road accident but luckily made out alive. He was found in the wreck of his car after somebody T-boned him while driving.

He had to undergo a lengthy surgery to correct his broken hip bone that hospitalized him for a long time. Through the support of Dr. Aubrey Ross’ loving family and his friends and partners, he managed a successful recovery after spending three months away from his work.

Dr. Aubrey Ross car accident injury of hip bond surgery and bed rest for long days
Caption:- Dr. Aubrey Ross had a car accident and injured his hip bone

Wiki-bio, age, career

Dr. Aubrey J. Ross II is a native of Galena Park in Houston Area, Texas where he also grew up. He was born on the 7th of February 1980, making him 43.

At the tender age of just five, Dr. Aubrey J. Ross parents noticed his crazy fascination with animals and later let him take care of animals like poultry, guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters.

His fascination became his hobby as he grew up to become a member of The Future Farmers of America club in High school after declaring to the parents of his desire to become a veterinarian.

The young animal enthusiast had other hobbies like golf and basketball that landed him a scholarship at Langston University. He, however, heeded his calling and quit playing basketball to pursue his old passion.

At Langston, Dr. Aubrey Ross became a member of the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. His impressive academic record landed him a scholarship to study Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee University.

Dr. Diarra Blue with his team mates.
Caption:- Dr. Aubrey Ross with his teammates.

Ross’ career officially began in 2007 upon graduating as a Veterinarian when he first got his first job at Pebble-Maryland Animal hospital in Las Vegas.

His résumé then filled up with job experiences at various institutions like Park Animal Hospital, Lied Animal Shelter and Banfield pet hospital. It’s after all this that he got together with his friends from Tuskegee, Dr. Diarra Blue, and Dr. Michael Lavigne to establish their own Animal Cy-Fair Animal hospital in 2013.

The trio chose to establish their firm in Houston due to Aubrey’s network of connections as both a local in the area and his experience. The accident was just a minor setback infringing on his net worth and overall success.

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