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Doreen Dowdall Wiki: 5 Facts about Brendan O’Carroll’s ex-wife.

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Image of Doreen Dowdall Wiki: 5 Facts about Brendan O'Carroll's ex-wife.

You might think you all know about your favourite Hollywood celebs, but there’s a lot you don’t. Most celebrities come to the spotlight after they got involved in relationship or scandals. Among them is Doreen Dowdall, who is well known as the ex-wife of Brenden O’Carroll, the creator and matriarch of the famous comedy series, Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

But tragically, the former couple lost their son, Brendon, named after O’ Carroll, who died just after three days and never came home from the hospital. Here are more unknown facts about Brendon’s first wife, Doreen Dowdall you need to know.

Doreen Dowdall is the First Wife of Brendon O’Carroll.

Doreen Dowdall is the former wife of an Irish writer, actor, and producer, Brendon O’ Carroll. The couple had been married for 22 years but eventually separated in the year 1999. Here’s how and when Doreen and Brendon met, how their love story began and the reason behind their separation.

Image of Doreen Dowdall and her ex-husband Brendon O'Carroll

Doreen Dowdall and her ex-husband Brendon O’Carroll

Like most couples, the two were first strangers but later became friends and eventually, they took their relationship into the next level. She met her ex-husband in Dublin where Brendon was born and raised.

However, there is not much information regarding their relationship before and after the marriage. After their divorce, Brendon married to his co-star, Jennifer Gibney in 2005.

Image of Brendan O'Carroll with his second wife Jennifer Gibney

Brendan O’Carroll with his second wife, Jennifer Gibney

Brendan O’Carroll’s ex-wife Doreen Dowdall also moved on and is now living a happy and healthy life with her partner Tommy. For her discretion, Doreen has kept her life low key.

Doreen Dowdall has Three Children.

Doreen Dowdall is a mother of three children; Danny, Eric, and Fiona born from her previous marriage. Her sons Danny and Fiona are actors, and both appeared in Mrs. Brown’s Boys along with their dad.

Many people don’t know that Doreen Brendon lost their first son when he was just three-days-old. Tragically, their infant baby boy never left the hospital. Her husband shared his experience in an interview with the Sun many years later.

He said that their first child O’Carroll was the most beautiful ever. He asked the doctor when he could take his son home to which the doctor replied,” You’ll never take him back.”

Doreen Dowdall first son died from Spina Bifida, a few days after his birth. Her son Danny was born on October 16, 1983, under Libra zodiac. He is married to Amanda Woods in 2006. Amanda is an actress, and they have two children named Jamie and Blake.

Image of Doreen Dowdall daugher Fiona

Doreen Dowdall daughter Fiona

Dowdall’s daughter also walked in the footsteps of her father and became an actress. She featured in the popular BB/RTE sitcom, Mrs. Brown’s Boys along with her brother and father. Fiona married her co-star, Martin Delany on May 2006 and has four sons; Felix, Isaac, Eli, and Dexter.

Image of Eric O'Carrol with his father Brendan O'Carroll

Eric O’Carrol with his father, Brendan O’Carroll

Besides, Doreen’s youngest son, Eric O’Carroll, also made his career in the entertainment industry. He became famous on the role of Bono Brown in the series ‘Mrs. Brown Boys’ in which his father and siblings also appeared.

Who is Doreen Dowdall’s Ex-husband?

Doreen Dowdall’s husband, Brendon O’ Carroll is a multi-talented person. He is known for portraying foul-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown in the BBC/RTE sitcom ‘Mrs.Brown Boys’ along with his family members and close friends. He is the youngest of 11 dchildren, born in Finglas, Dublin to Maureen and Gerard O’ Carroll.

Image of Irish writer, Brendan O'Carroll

Irish writer, Brendan O’Carroll

Brendon made his on-screen debut in the 1996 movie ‘The Van‘ and then starred as Seamus, the Drunk in ‘Anges Browne’ movie. He is not only an actor but also a writer. He wrote the screenplay to ‘Sparrow’s Trap,’ a boxing movie. As well, he performed on the stage production such as Mrs. Browns’s Last Wedding, For The Love of Mrs. Brown, How Now Mrs. Brown Cow, and D’ Musical.

How Much Is Doreen Dowdall Net Worth?

The mother of three has not disclosed any information regarding her net worth, which includes her properties, cars, and salary. Moreover, her profession is unknown. So it is pretty hard to know, the net value of her. That said, Doreen Dowdall’s net worth and salary are still under review.

Image of Doreen Dowdall ex-husband Brendan O'Carroll net worth is €17 million.

Doreen Dowdall ex-husband Brendan O’Carroll net worth is €17 million.

However, her ex-husband, Brendan has an estimated net worth of around €17 million. Back in 2013, O’Carroll had a net worth of €11m. Most of his net worth comes from his acting, tv shows, and screenwriting. However, he wasn’t always on television. Before that, he worked as a waiter and milkman.

Where is Doreen Dowdall Now?

No one knows where Doreen Dowdall is and what is she doing except her ex-husband, Brendon O’Carroll. According to some sources, the mother of three lives with her partner named Tommy somewhere in the USA.

Additionally, what she does for a living and the information of her current partner is also not available on the internet. We certainly hope Dowdall is living a blissful life with her love. However, we cant tell because she is not active on social networking sites.

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