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Dina Pugliese Net Worth, Annual Salary, Wiki-Bio, Husband Alek Mirkovich.

Image of Dina Pugliese Net Worth, Annual Salary, Wiki-Bio, Husband Alek Mirkovich.

Meet Dina Pugliese, Canada’s Top-notch host for City Toronto’s Breakfast Television. Although mornings are never Prime Time for most people, it’s remarkable that her audience boasts of numbers.

As we speak, the morning show is Canada’s leading news and entertainment program. This revelation, in turn, sums up to more excellent ratings and a job well done for everyone involved.

However, let’s focus on the face of the program and tell you all about Dina Pugliese net worth, salary, and husband, Alex Mirkovich.

Who is Dina Pugliese? Her career

Dina has her work cut out for her as a host and reporter for over two decades. Initially, she worked as an associate producer for The Bynon Show on Global Television.

However, with time, she transcended into more active roles as a writer, reporter, and producer for Toronto 1’s Toronto Today

Later on, Dana Pugliese’s boss upgraded her to debut the host of The A-List in 2004. Gradually, Pugliese made her way onto another show named Star! Daily before taking over from Liza Fromer on Breakfast Television.

Image of Breakfast Television.

Dina Pugliese from Canadian TV programme, Breakfast Television.

It turns out; all her work led up to the role that she has held on to till today. Likewise, the move meant she never again knocked on doors to secure an opportunity like before.

Instead, other roles presented themselves to her, and she gladly took them with open arms. A good example would be her gig for hosting MuchMuch VJ Search in 2006. As a result, Pugliese got nominated for a Gemini Award.

Dina Pugliese Net Worth and Annual salary.

Image of Canadian TV Personality, Dina Pugliese net worth is currently not available

Canadian TV Personality, Dina Pugliese net worth is currently not available

Additionally, the TV host also salvages her net worth from other noteworthy mentions. She appeared on Canada’s Next Top Model as one of its guest judges in 2007. Similarly, Pugliese also credits her role on Canada’s Got Talent where she was also a judge.

According to online leaks, Dina Pugliese’s net worth is $2.3 Million. However, her salary, on the other hand, amounts to over $63,000 in a year.

Moving on, other minor roles she has done include guest appearances on The Hour, Bash at the Square and Citytv New Year’s Bash movie. The TV star, Diana Pugliese also hosted the Ford Models Supermodels of the World Canada back in 2009 where she also drew her net worth.

Dina Pugliese Married life with husband, Alek Mirkovich. Kids?

They say partying, and clubbing is for the immoral and nothing ever good comes from it. It’s also an excellent place for finding soulmates, as is with the case of Dina and her husband, Alek Mirkovich.

Image of Dina Pugliese with her husband Alek Mirkovich.

Dina Pugliese with her husband, Alek Mirkovich.

The pair met at some Canadian club party in tribute to her work friend’s Bachelorette party. Though it’s customary for a guy to swoop in, Dina made the first move and even gave out her number that night. The following day, the couple set out on a first date and ended up going to first base.

Alek Mirkovich is a fast mover and managed to lock her down –romantically of course – within six months. The proposal was as sweet as their relationship with a romantic setting at Niagara on the Lake.

Come July 31st, 2003, the couple wedded at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. Sadly, the pair have no kids but live their best lives even decades after their marriage.

Alek Mirkovich Wiki-bio, Age, Nationality, Parents.

Aside from their romantic life together, the couple has a lot in common. For starters, they both have Italian blood flowing in their veins even though they are Canadian by birth. Moreover, they both went to Humber College to study different fields and at different times. Also, both their parents’ names haven’t made it to the light of day.

As a result, we have no info on Alek Mirkovich’s date of birth and neither his age. However, he first went to Sheridan College in Ontario where he studied Classical Animation.

He later joined Humber College and left in 1994 with knowledge in Package Design.

Consequently, his career took off as a Graphic Designer for Gibson and Associates, where he worked for one year. Alek later became the Creative Director for DNA Brand Design and Later Vice President of Yotrio in 2006.

Come 2008; he established an advertising and Design Company that oversaw Lastly, he became the CEO of Campayn, an email Marketing site based in Toronto.

Dina Pugliese wiki-bio, parents, early life, education, age.

Full name Dina Pugliese
Age 49-years old
Date of Birth May 22, 1974
Place of Birth Toronto, Canada
Profession Television personality, Journalist
Net worth Under Review
Husband Alek Mirkovich
Kids None
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Dana Pugliese was on May 22nd, 1974 in Toronto but grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario. At the age of 49, Dina is the middle child with her sisters Antoinette and Linda. Similarly, her parents are very much alive.

Though she keeps their names private, we know her dad comes from Gagliato and her mother from Molise in Italy.

As a kid, she was involved in everything from drama, photography, and debate. The Breakfast Television host finally got her papers from Humber College and York University graduating with Journalism and Mass Communications respectively

. Dina came out as Valedictorian and embarked on a life as a journalist we all know her for today.

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