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Dimitri Snowden Net Worth, Wife, First Wife, Job.

Dimitri Seneca Snowden is one of the most famous celebrities. He is recognized as a leading entrepreneur. He was born in Cuba on January 25, 1981, making her 42-years old.

Dimitri is today an imposing 6 -feet tall figure. Read this to know Dimitri Snowden’s Net Worth.

His father was a war veteran in Vietnam and an immigrant. His mother was an active humanitarian in America.

In his early youth, Dimitri taught himself the essentials of computer programming. Recently, he has been studying Quantum Mechanics and Noetic Sciences.

Today, he is one of the foremost entrepreneurs linked to multiple Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, he has an impressive 141K followers on his Instagram account.

According to the journal Celebs Trend Now, Dimitri also features in the list of the most respected celebrities in the world.

What does Dimitri Snowden Do for a living?

The 42-year-old entrepreneur, Dimitri Snowden, is the owner of a successful IT company. He is recognized as an ontological architect. This means he uses artificial intelligence in trying to understand the world.

According to his website, Dimitri can design unique experiences that influence how one interacts with the outside world. His specialized expertise is said to have unique designing power.

Dimitri’s multi-disciplinary approach is said to have helped create very impactful experiences for some of the leading brands in the world.

Image of Dimitri Snowden from TV show, Seeking Sister Wife

Dimitri Snowden from the TV show, Seeking Sister Wife

Among the projects spear-headed by Dimitri Snowden include the development of a lithium-ion-double ‘a’ and the creation of America’s first charter school, complete with a wind-farm. The other notable invention is that of the micro-USB rechargeable battery.

To crown his impressive career, Dimitri is an accomplished martial artist. He is well trained in Capoeira, Brazilian Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, American Boxing, and Muay Thai. It took more than 20 years for him to master these feats. Moreover, Dimitri also loves modeling Legos and car- racing.

Dimitri Snowden is now married to wife Ashley Snowden.

Snowden has a wife known as Ashley. They married on October 9, 2009. The couple has three children to grace their union.

Many have asked questions on the reasons why Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden delayed so much in taking steps to tie the knot legally. What could be the answer?

Image of Dimitri Snowden with his wife Ashley Snowden

Dimitri Snowden with his wife Ashley Snowden

It seems that, from the outset, Dimitri Snowden and Ashley knew that they desired to live a polygamous lifestyle.  So, will the Snowden. In later days, continue with the Seeking Sister Wife series again?

Vanessa Cobbs, who for a moment became attached to the intriguing family, has finally left Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. After announcing the end of this union, the Dimitris made it clear that the search for the perfect sister wife is still on.

What is not clear, however, is whether they are always agreeable to have this quest documented on the famous show again. Meanwhile, Dimitri Snowden is presently happily married to his beloved wife, Ashley Snowden.

So, in these circumstances, the famous star of the Seeking Sister Wife rave, Dimitri Snowden, has decided to move on from his broken ties with Vanessa Cobbs. The ontological architect seems to cope really well with the split.

His partner Ashley Snowden takes much credit for this favorable situation. The couple has now been together for almost a decade. Though polygamous, they try to project the perfect picture of a truly happy family.

Image of Dimitri Snowden kids

Dimitri Snowden kids

Dimitri’s wife Ashley is also a skilled Tahitian dancer. She loves singing and painting. Both Dimitri and his wife Ashley got interested in the practice of polygamy because they wanted to have a large family.

Ashley is quoted to say that she does not oppose her husband’s quest to marry new wives since she only wants companions who could help her bring up her children.

Dimitri Snowden’s First Wife and Divorce.

An intriguing question arises: Could it be that Ashley is not really Dimitri’s first wife? Apparently, according to Timeline, Dimitri started dating Ashley while he was still legally married to his first wife.

There are new claims, advanced by Radar Online, to the effect that Dimitri was indeed married to some other woman when he met Ashley. The first wife, it is said, was a woman called Musawenkosi Ndlovu. As of 2003, it is said, this marriage was still on. The marriage lasted for about eight years.

Court records available at Indiana’s Marion County Court indicate that in 2011 Dimitri Snowden filed for divorce. The couple legally separated in November 2003.

They had no children within this union. Speculation says that this union could not last because of Dimitri’s burning desire to start a polygamous relationship. This information, is, however, yet to be confirmed by either Dimitri or his former wife.

Snowden’s Net Worth: $3 Million.

Image of TV Personality, Dimitri Snowden net worth is $1 million

TV Personality, Dimitri Snowden net worth is $3 million

Sources say that Dimitri Seneca Snowden has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His primary source of wealth is business. Certainly, Dimitri Snowden, today ranks as one of the most famous achievers in world business and industry.

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  1. I absolutely adore the Snowden family!!!
    I don’t know why or what exactly it is but I respect him as a man and Ashley as a woman and both as being extrodinary human beings.
    I would love to meet them someday.
    I feel like they could inspire just about anyone and that’s even without having been on the reality show.
    Dimitri is honestly someone who I personally could be friends with in real life.
    He is obviously a good hearted and very intelligent person.

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