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David Freiburger Wife, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Family, Wikipedia, Bio

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Image of David Freiburger Wife, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Family, Wikipedia, Bio

David Freiburger is an American Chief Editor of Hot Rod Garage; which is a renowned 2014 automobile programme. Furthermore, David also hosts TV shows that revolve around the automobile industry.

Before his current position, David held the editorial position of Car Craft, 4 Wheel & Off Road, and Rod & Custom. David has garnered a large viewership in the time that he has been on TV. Know David Freiburger’s net worth, Age, Family in wikipedia tye bio.

Is Road Kill Star David Freiburger married to wife and kids

Unlike other celebrities who conceal everything about their private lives, David is not ashamed or afraid of talking about his marital status.

Moreover, he does not hide the fact that David Freiburger is a married man. He spilled the beans about his wife on March 5, 2011, when he talked about his family in a Facebook post.

It is as if it was not intentional, but it was necessary to mention her in the post. David was talking about a certain commodity that he admired on Craiglist, and he continued to say that if he bought it, his other half would make him live in it.

Though he let the cat out of the bag that he is a family man, he has never displayed the photos of his wife or family. All that he is fond of posting on his Facebook account is pictures of vehicles.

To top it all, any information about David Freiburger wife, family or kids is kept as a top secret. Apart from revealing that he is a married man, David has never revealed anything about his kids. It is not known whether he has them or not.

David Freiburger net worth, salary, sources of income, TV shows, career info

David is an industrious man, and the wealth that he has accumulated speaks for him. He is not only active but also a go-getter. That makes him to fully utilize by exploiting every opportunity that he gets to make money.

With such an attitude, he hunts for money, and he has managed to make a considerable amount of it in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Most of his wealth has been realized from the proceeds that he gets from his automobile show. David has hosted that show since early 2000.

David Freiburger Net Worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Moreover, he also used to pocket a good salary as Hot Rod Magazine’s Chief Editor. Particularly, according to Paysa, a Staff Editor’s average annual salary at Hot Rod Magazine is a whopping $81,456.

Image of Producer, David Freiburger salary is $81,456

Producer, David Freiburger salary is $81,456

David also has other means of making money like his YouTube Channel. It is called David Freiburger which has 22,000 subscribers. Freiburger is a great fan and enthusiast of the automobile industry, and even this channel talks about this subject.

He has stuffed it with vehicle modification designs and speed tests. To that effect, David has been getting some considerable proceeds from his YouTube channel.

Despite his advanced age, the time has proved that David is a great fan of the automobile industry, and that is why he has not been shaken. The test of time has proved his authenticity, faithfulness, and passion of this industry.

He recently starred together with Mike Finnegan in Roadkill which is a 2018 automobile adventure show which will increase David Freiburger Net Worth.

David Freiburger Wikipedia, bio, age, family, other info

David Freiburger was born on 21st August 1968, which would make him 55. He has never held any job that was out of the automobile context in his entire life.

After graduating from high school, David held his first job at a Dodge dealership parts counter. He got another one at a machine shop, his next job was at an aftermarket ignition company, and lastly, he worked as a Hot Rod Staff Editor at Petersen Publishing in 1991.

David later held the same editorial post for some more years for other shows. He has worked at Hot Rod for many years as a TV and Radio shows host, and as a Chief Editor. Furthermore, he is a member of the Bonneville 200 Mph club after landing several land speed records.

Image of Writer, David Freiburger from Hot Rod Garage

Writer, David Freiburger from Hot Rod Garage

David is a distinguished personality because he owns a fleet of cars. They are classic high-end cars that are full of pomp and glamour. One of his most outstanding cars is the Bomb Camaro.

David’s interest was inspired by his father, Jim Freiburger. He got interested after being introduced to the automobile and also the entertainment industry. One incident changed and transformed his entire life when he helped his father to change the rod bearings on the Flathead.

You can say that David is a chip off old block because he followed the exact footsteps of his father. He does everything that his father used to do, and it is evident that he is his role model. To recap, David Freiburger is now 55 years old, and he is quite a commendable man.

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