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Dave Kindig Wikipedia, bio, wife married, age, net worth, birthday

Dave Kindig

Dave Kindig is a well-known celebrity of today. No Wikipedia is needed to find out about the success of Kindig at present days. The owner of Kindig –IT Company, and the reality star of ‘BEYOND BITCHIN’ RIDES’, Dave Kindig is a well-known personality of today.

Let us see what income he has, his net worth, age, birthday, bio, Wikipedia, wife and his married life.

Dave Kindig married life with wife charity Kindig, any kids?

Father of two kids, Dave Kindig, is married to his wife Charity Kindig for 29 years. His kids Baylee Kindig and Drew Kindig are already grown-ups.

His wife Charity is a great mother as well as the reason behind his success. It was due to her that Dave had quit his job to start up with a business. The business that he started up with Kindig –IT gave him the success that he always dreamt of.

Kindig –IT designs, is now one of the popular automotive shops in America. Charity, who is working as the vice president of the company is the backbone not only of her family but is also a role model to the co-workers of her company.

His Daughter Baylee is too working in the same company as an executive assistant and his son Drew too works in the company providing creative ideas to take the company to another step.

Dave Kindig with lovely wife Charity Kindig

Caption:- Dave Kindig with lovely wife, Charity Kindig

Caption:- Wikicelebinfo 

Besides business, the family shares a great time together. They love each other’s company and have a great bond in between themselves. They share a common interest, i.e., car. This common interest is the reason for their popularity.

Net worth

Although the correct net worth is not disclosed, the estimated net worth of Dave seems to be 3 million dollars which were earned through his car business, ‘Kindig-IT design’ and also through the reality show ‘ BEYOND BITCHIN’ RIDES’ that was on air in 2015.

Dave Kindig's Net Worth Till 2018 is $2.5 Million

Caption:- Dave Kindig’s Net Worth in 2023 is $3 Million

Age, birthday

Based on some reports Dave Kindig was born on February 6, 1971. As of 2023, he is 52 years old.

However, information about his wife’s age is not disclosed over social sites or anywhere on the internet. Since his daughter Baylee is over 20 years now, so probably the guess of his age to be in the late forties is not incorrect.

Wikipedia, bio

Although Wikipedia has less information on Kindig, his bio says that he is a reality TV star who starred in the TV show ‘BEYOND BITCHIN’ RIDES.’ Apart from Wikipedia, his social sites are enough to get his bio.

According to his bio on Facebook, he was a crazy fan of cars since childhood. He loved playing hot wheels and drawing cars ever since then.

His passion for cars has got him the net worth that he owes today. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also the owner and creator in chief of Kindig-IT design. His wife is the vice president of the company, and his kids are the workers of it too.

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