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Darrell Sheets is Now Engaged to Fiance Romney Snyder After Divorce From Ex-Wife Kimber Wuerfel.

Image of Darrell Sheets is Now Engaged to Fiance Romney Synder After Divorce From Ex-Wife Kimber Wuerfel.

Storage wars is a renowned American reality show that airs on the A&E network. It revolves around treasure hunters who go around from different storages trying to find valuable merchandise.

It’s all about luck, and perfect timing as not every storage will contain valuables. One such hunter is Darrell Sheet. Read this to explore Darrell Sheet’s Engagement with finance Romney Snyder.

He was born on May 13th, 1958, which makes 65 at the moment. This article will focus on his love life, examing his past and present relationships. Was Darell Sheet married? Who was his first wife, and why did they divorce? We will also focus on his current relationship.

Darrell Sheet’s First Marriage with first wife and Divorce.

The treasure hunter, Darrell Sheets was once a married man. Unlike most celebrities, however, he prefers to keep this part of his life to himself. His ex-wife’s name remains a mystery to date.

We were able to uncover that Darrell had two children from this marriage. One of these kids is Brandon Sheets, a fellow co-star of Storage Wars. We could not find anything relating to his other kid.

Brandon followed his father’s footsteps all the way into the storage hunting business. He accompanies his father, Darell Sheets, to different auctions across the country. His mother, however, remains an enigma. It is not clear when she and Darell tied the knot, or when they called it quits.

Darrell Sheets Divorce from Ex-Wife Kimber Wuerfel.

Darrell Sheets would then go on to date Kimber Wuerfel, a real estate agent. It is reported that the couple met when he was driving in California. Darrell moved to San Diego to be with Kimber.

The pair first started dating in 2011. Unlike his first relationship, Darell openly talked about his next girlfriend.

Image of Darell Sheet with his ex-wife Kimber Wuerfel
Darell Sheet with his ex-wife Kimber Wuerfel

The pair met on an open road in California, while they were driving. They shared an instant spark, and Darell went out of his way to get her number.

The couple instantly clicked, like two pieces in a puzzle. Darell Sheets would then migrate to Huntington Beach to be with his girlfriend.

An engagement followed soon after. Darrell Sheets and Kimber Wuerfel were not only partners in life, but business as well.

They attended several events together and regularly gushed about each other on social media. Kimberly and Darell lived together with their four children — two from Darell Sheet’s first marriage and two from Kimber’s past marriage.

Image of Darell Sheet with his ex-wife Kimber Wuerfel and with their kids
Darell Sheet with his ex-wife Kimber Wuerfel and with their kids

In 2016 however, it came to light that the relationship had come to an end. Fans were surprised to learn that Darell Sheets was even engaged to another person by then.

Details about Darrell Sheets and ex-wife Kimber Wuerfel’s divorce appear a bit murky, as there are indications that Darrell is still on excellent terms with Kimber. On May 13th, 2018, Kimber asked her fans to wish Darrell a happy birthday. She tweeted:

“Help me wish this guy a Happy Birthday today!! Happy Birthday, @darrellgambler???”

On May 21st, 2018, Darell returned the love during Kimber’s son graduated from the Chapman. He posted an Instagram photo of Kimber and her son and wrote how proud he is of Kimber. He said:

“So proud of this woman, busting her ass and putting her son through a top-notch college great job Babe.”

Darrell Sheets is engaged to Fiancé Romney Snyder.

After it emerged that Darell Sheets was no longer in a relationship with Kimber Wuerfel, we learned that he was dating someone else. Darell, via his social media account, publicly announced that he was currently dating Romney Snyder.

This was back in 2016 in December, on an episode of Storage Wars.

Image of Darell Sheet with his Fiancé Romney Snyder
Darell Sheets with his Fiancé Romney Snyder

Romney Snyder works for a non- profit organization as a horse rescue worker. She does her best to rescue horses from impending danger, including slaughter auctions. She reportedly met Darell at one of these auctions.

They started dating some years back and got engaged in 2016. When Darell suffered a mild heart attack, his soon to be wife, Romney, was there to nurse him back to health. The happy couple, Darrell Sheet and fiance Romney Snyder is as strong as ever at the moment.

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