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Daphne Oz husband John Jovanovic Net Worth, Age, Occupation, Biography

John Jovanovic is married to renowned author and TV personality, Daphne Oz. The couple recently welcomed a newborn baby. In this article, we will discuss Daphne’s husband, who is a father and employee at a reputable company.

Here we will be dealing with John Jovanovic’s net worth, his occupation and career details. Let’s dive into the life of Daphne’s loving husband.

Who is Daphne Oz Husband John Jovanovic?

John Jovanovic was born in 1986. His family is originally from Serbia; however, John was born and raised in the United States.

Professionally, Daphne Oz Husband John works as an analyst and investment banker. At the moment, he is affiliated with the Cadent Energy Partners.

This is an investment fund that operates in the energy sector. Also, John is married to the famous nutritionist author and television host, Daphne Oz.

Image of John Jovanovic with his wife Daphne Oz.

John Jovanovic with his wife, Daphne Oz.

The couple took their marriage vows in the year August 10, 2010. Also, they are blessed with four little children.

John Jovanovic Occupation and career.

Following his successful pursuit of an MBA degree, John decided to pursue a career in the field of investment. This came with a role in the Serbia Investment and Export Agency, where he worked for about three months.

Moving on, Daphne Oz Husband was selected as a Summer Analyst in the year 2007. This is where he interned at Deutsche Bank for over three months to gain experience before heading to his organisation. 2008 saw John operating as a productive Analyst in the Berenson & Company. He stayed with the company for a period stretching over two years.

Also, John Jovanovic went to Cadent Energy Partners, where he lent his expertise and skills up until 2012. He earned a lot of working experience and was quite valued for his ability to work under severe pressure.
Image of Investment banker, John Jovanovic

Investment banker, John Jovanovic

Also, he is prominent for his work with the Next Generation Leaders Advisory Council in the McCain Institute for International Leadership. The main motive of this institute was to offer modern character-driven global leadership on different platforms. These include security, economy, and humanity.
Afterwards, John served on the Board of Directors of Pin Oak Terminals in Mount Airy, Louisiana. In January 2016, he participated as an Investment Manager in the Mercuria Energy Trading S.A.

John Jovanovic age.

John is currently 37 years old. He is still alive and maintains a healthy physique and diet.

John Jovanovic Net worth.

As per some reliable information, John Jovanovic career as a prolific analyst and investment banker give him a lavish lifestyle. He owns several luxury cars, assets, and homes.

Image of John Jovanovic wife Daphne Oz net worth is $12 million

John Jovanovic wife Daphne Oz net worth is $12 million

John Jovanovich’s net worth is $5 Million. However, together with his wife, the couple has a wealth of over 17 million dollars. As of 2023, his wife, Daphne Oz, has an estimated net worth around $12 million.

John Jovanovic Wiki, Biography.

The analyst, John Jovanovic, was born to Serbian parents, Nada Jovanovic Dimitric and Stretko Dimitris. John spent his childhood in the streets of Chicago, Illinois.

His father worked at The Aon Corporation. John’s mother, on the other hand, was as a firm accountant in the same company. Also, his father passed away in 2017 and was also the proprietor of a contracting firm in Chicago.

Talking about his education, Daphne Oz’s husband, John studied at Princeton University, where he majored in the Bachelor of Arts in Politics. Also, he received an MBA degree in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management in 2014. This was from the University of Pennsylvania.

Wiki Table.

Full Name: John Jovanovic
Age: 37 years old
Birth Date: 1986
Horoscope: not known
Birth Place: United States
Ethnicity: Serbian
Profession: analyst and investment banker
Height / How tall : not accessible
Net Worth: $5 million
Spouse: Daphne Oz
Children: four
Social Media Presence: not available

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