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Street Outlaws Daddy Dave New Motor, Net Worth and Wife.

Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave has featured in many episodes of a reality television show known as Street Outlaws. He is one of the lead cast in the show. The rather life-risking television series as seen by many people, is the career that Daddy Dave has chosen, and he is making a living out of it.

It is through the show that Daddy Dave has acquired both fame and financial breakthroughs. Let’s find out about Street Outlaws David Comstock or Daddy Dave’s Net Worth.

Meet his wife Cassie Comstock and their kids.

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave New Motor Details

In his quest to improve his speed and agility in the show, Daddy Dave took the initiative of buying a new and more advanced motor to aid him in his career. The motor acquired by Dave is the new Chevy Nova 2018 model.

It is equipped with Fueltech controller and a centrifugal supercharger. The new “Goliath” has referred to it by Dave has a fuel injecter and upon completion should be able to provide 3300 horsepower. The new motor as per the description will be way more powerful than the carbureted combo which he was previously using in the last episodes.

Daddy Dave is married to wife Cassie. Know more about their kids.

The Street Laws cast Daddy Dave is married. He is married to his longtime girlfriend now wife Cassie. Daddy Comstock and his wife Cassie dated for quite some time before walking the aisle in a private wedding.

They have two kids together, both are girls. Cassie has always been the pillar of Daddy Dave, and she is the one who nurtured him when he was involved in a fatal accident that almost caused his life. The family is happily living together.

Street outlaws Daddy Dave with his beautiful wife

Caption:- Street outlaws Daddy Dave with wife Cassi Comstock

Net Worth

This Street Outlaws star has acquired both fame and fortune from the television series of Street Outlaws. Daddy Dave has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

However, this figure remains unconfirmed and might be slightly above this. The professional racer has been able to acquire all this through his rather risk career which at one time almost cost him his life.

Daddy Dave makes a net salary of $20000 per episode in the show and is still making an appearance in many more episodes to come. We cannot, therefore, tie ourselves to his current net worth because it is due to grow progressively in the near future.

Street outlaws Daddy Dave's Net Worth is $900,000

Caption:- Street outlaws Daddy Dave’s Net Worth is $1 million

Wiki Bio

Daddy Dave was born on 4th April 1973, making him 50 as we speak. He was born to his father Peter Comstock and his mother, Marge Comstock. Dave grew up in Oklahoma with his brothers and was fascinated by cars since his childhood.

The fact that David Comstock was in love with cars saw him begin to drive when he was still quite young. At only 16 years old, he started driving his father’s car.

Immediately after getting conversant with driving, Dave joined street racings at quite young age. This formed the basis for his current career in racings.

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