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Court Westcott Net Worth, Family, Biography of Kameron Westcott Husband.

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Court Westcott is the husband of the Reality TV star Kameron Westcott. The family has their own business called Westcott LLC, and Kameron’s husband works at his family business. Just like many people, he belongs to the crowd who came to fame after marrying his wife, Kameron.

However, he likes to live under the rocks. As a result, not much information about him is found in the media. However, stick with us till the end to see as much information about Court Westcott’s net worth, wiki-bio, and his wife.

Court Westcott’s Wiki-Bio:

Court Westcott was born on September 16, 1978, in Dallas, and turned 45 years old a few weeks back. He is also a member of the prestigious Family Member list.  Similarly, The Real Housewife of Dallas superstar Kameron Westcott’s Husband Court is now listed in the list of most popular celebrities.

Since he celebrates his birthday on September 16, his zodiac sign is a Virgo. The family man works as a businessman and manager.

Kameron Westcott’s husband lives a low-key life and loves to keep his information personal. He doesn’t share his knowledge with the media. He doesn’t even use social media for the sake of his private life. However, we have been trying to provide you with all the information we can. So let us jump right into the next segment

Court Westcott’s net worth: $2 Million

Kameron West Cott’s husband Court doesn’t earn from anywhere else than his career as a Family Member.  Therefore, he does not make a substantial and fantastic sum of money.

Moreover, we have not been able to get our hands on his exact net worth, fortunes, and financial details 

Image of Entrepreneur, Court Westcott net worth is $1 million

Entrepreneur, Court Westcott net worth is $2 million

According to our research, we got to know that Kameron Westcott’s Husband, Court Westcott, has a net worth of $2 million in 2023. 

Court Westcott’s Career Information:

The family owns a business that has been running since 1996. The company is named after the family Surname called Wescott LLC. It is a business based on an entrepreneurial private investment platform.

Image of Entrepreneur, Court Westcott

Entrepreneur, Court Westcott

Court Westcott holds a degree of B.A. in Philosophy and political science from Vanderbilt University. He also owns another degree in MBA from SMU’s Cox School of Business. Not only does he take part in investment-related work but also participated in the management of Westcott LLC. 

Besides working in the family business, Kameron’s husband doesn’t seem to be participating in any other work. Even if he is, we are entirely unaware of it. Similarly, all the information provided in the above segment is reference from their website. You can take a look at if you want to.

Court Westcott’s family, parents, and siblings.

Kameron once stated that while she first met his family, she thought that they were a dynasty. That gives us a different and prestigious view on the family. 

However, neither Kameron nor Court have revealed information on his family. We researched a bit and got to know one of his siblings is called Carl. He is an entrepreneur who also achieved an award called Horatio Alger Award

Also, we feel unfortunate to inform you that we’ve not found any more information about his family. However, we do promise to update you on any forthcoming details as soon as we can. 

Court Westcott’s wife Kameron Westcott, their children, and married life:

Court Westcott informed us that he had to pursue Kameron a lot and asked her out seven times before she agreed on going out with him. On the other hand, Kameron also decided that she had not fancied her current husband much in the beginning. 

Image of Court Westcott with his wife Kameron Westcott and with their kids Cruise and Hilton Westcott

Court Westcott with his wife Kameron Westcott and with their kids, Cruise and Hilton Westcott

Regardless, they came around and dated each other for a year, then got married. They have beautiful children; a son and a daughter named Cruise and Hilton Westcott. Moreover, they equally own two lovely dogs whose names and breeds are yet to be discussed. 

Since then, the couple is living happily with their family and children. We wish them all the happiness they deserve. 

Quick Facts about Court Westcott:

Name Court Westcott
Age 45
Birthdate 1978, 16th September
Birthplace Dallas
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Entrepreneur
Spouse Kameron Westcott
Net Worth Approx.$2 million
Height Average
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children Two
Social Networking Instagram



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