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Who is Corinne Foxx’s Mother Connie Kline?

Corrine Foxx is an American actress and model who has featured on projects such as All-Star Weekend and 47 Meters Down. She is famous for being the daughter of renowned actor Jamie Foxx and mother Connie Kline, who is the subject of our review today.

Connie Kline is known for her brief relationship with the American actor back in the early 90s. Sources say that she is a former military woman, as well.

Know more about Corinne Foxx’s mother, Connie Kline, as we take a look at various aspects of her life. What does she do? What was her relationship with Connie’s father like?

Who is Connie Kline?

Connie Kline is a retired Air Force veteran and the mother of actress Corinne Foxx. The United States Air Force is the space and aerial war subdivision of the United States Armed Forces.

It is one of the seven American uniformed services. Its core mission includes focusing on integrated global intelligence, surveillance, air and space superiority and exploration, global strike and command, rapid worldwide movement, and control.

Connie was thrust into prominence for her relationship with the award-winning actor Jamie Foxx. Though their relationship was brief, the result of it was a daughter.

Image of Air force veteran, Connie Kline

Air force veteran, Connie Kline

At the moment, she works as an accountant at CK Financial, which offers professional tax services. She also offers two-day tax seminars that help her clients get their tax affairs in order and stay out of trouble with the IRS.

Corinne Foxx’s mother Connie Kline maintains a very strong relationship with her clients and does her best to make sure that they remain in good standing with the government in as far as taxes are concerned.

One of her proudest achievements was helping one client settle a Federal tax liability of over $120,000 for $8,661 with the IRS.

Connie also did some philanthropy back in the day. In 2014, she helped the Knights of Columbus Foundation collect and deliver toys to underprivileged children around the country.

Corinne Foxx Parents Jamie Foxx and Connie Kline’s Relationship.

There is not a lot of information regarding Corrine Foxx’s parents’ relationships. This is because Jamie Foxx is a relatively private man who has always kept his affairs far away from the public eye. We did, however, learn that the two met sometime back in the early 90s.

It was a brief fling. It would, however, result in the birth of a baby girl, Corinne Foxx. She was born on the 15th of February 1994 in Los Angeles, California. As we speak, she is 29-years old.

Image of Corinne Foxx and her mother Connie Kline

Corinne Foxx and her mother, Connie Kline

While Connie and Jamie Foxx did not remain together, they continued to co-parent Corinne together. As such, she has remained close to both of her parents over the years.

Not much else is known about the relationship as for a long time, Jamie Foxx kept the relationship a secret. This is something that he was known to do from time to time.

What is Corinne Foxx Mother Connie Kline doing now? Where is she?

At the moment, Connie Kline does accounting for a company known as CK Financial, which is based in Simi Valley, California. While it remains unclear whether she is married at the moment, we did learn that she had another child, who can be pictured in many photos on her social media handles.

After retiring from the military, Corinne Foxx mother devoted most of her time to grow as an accountant who helped clients handle their taxes and avoid trouble with the IRS.

Connie Kline wiki-bio.

Full name Connie Kline
Age 51 years old.
Date of Birth 1972
Place of Birth California, USA.
Profession Air force veteran, Accountant at CK Financial
Net worth $1 million
Partner Jamie Foxx (Ex-boyfriend, father of her daughter)
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Under review.
Parents Unknown.

Corinne Foxx’s mother Connie Kline, was born in 1972 in California, which makes her 51 years old at the moment. She is a retired Air Force veteran who is presently an accountant at the firm CK Financial, where she handles several clientele.

She is famous for having a relationship, albeit brief, with Jamie Foxx, a famous American actor.

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