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Chumlee Net worth; Salary, Weight Loss, Wife.

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Chumlee is a top TV personality who features in Pawn Stars a reality TV series. He is widely known in the show as a comedian. Over the years, Chumlee has become the epitome of success.

He has numerous business ventures and features in the Pawn Stars, a favorite show to many in the History Channel. Do you know about Chumlee’s net worth? Well, we are going to find about it today.

Also, we shall be looking at his salary, his weight loss journey, and the wife. If you are a big fan of the show, it may be because of Chumlee until recently when he stopped featuring in the show. This is because of some legal reasons, which I will address later. Chumlee’s net worth must be huge given his love for expensive cars.

Net worth, Salary details

Austin Lee Russell, dubbed Chumlee earns quite a fortune from his career.  His recent venture, a candy shop began in 2017. The shop is opposite to the Gold and silver Pawnshop that is owned by his close friend, Corey Harrison. The candy shop attracts many people, especially children.

Chumlee candy shop is its name. Since the shop began, it has never lacked customers. Chumlee’s net worth must have certainly ballooned from this shop. People who stop by at the Gold and silver Pawnshop pass there to buy candy related items.

Apart from the candy shop, Chumlee also earned some salary in the Pawnshop. Chumlee began working at the shop when he was 21, a clear indicator he began earning his salary at an early age.  It’s safe to say that the Pawnshop formed a good foundation for Chumlee’s net worth currently. Chumlee also formed his own company which sold innovative stuff.

The items ranged from a T-Shirt with his name among other accessories. In 2010, He sold half of his wager to Rick Harrison. He aimed at selling his merchandise to a wider market, and the Pawnshop would do just that. The wager was sold for$155,000. So far, his merch is the most selling in the shop. This may be due to his fame.

Image of TV Personality, Chumlee net worth is $5 million
TV Personality, Chumlee net worth is $5 million

Austin also features in the Pawn star show. Here, he earns $25,000 for every appearance he makes in all the episodes. One thing for sure, his net worth is enormous. As at 2021, Chumlee’s net worth is $5 million.

Chumlee’s House and Cars

Chumlee has an amazing house and a splendid car collection. After featuring in the show and selling half of his stake, Chumlee bought his home in 2012. The luxurious house found in Las Vegas Nevada cost him $1 million.

This clearly shows His house has a large parking lot, which he needed for the extensive collection of his cars.  The house has a swimming pool and other amazing features that add up to $ 1 million.

Image of Chumlee house at Las Vegas
Chumlee house at Las Vegas

When it comes to cars, Chumlee has an amazing taste. He owns six cars. Austin is a great fan of sports cars as it is seen from the heavy rides that he has. His cars include a Maserati GranTurismo, white Range Rover, Rolls Royce and lastly Cadillac Escalade.

These cars cost a fortune in the cars industry. Mostly, Chumlee enjoys driving his 1986 Buick Regal. The car has amazing features like hydraulic lifts on the front and back.

Image of TV actor Chumlee cars collection
TV actor Chumlee cars collection

Austin Lee Career info

Austin began his great career working at the Pawnshop. He was given the task to manage items and preparing tickets for the items purchased by customers. When the Pawn stars series began, Chumlee was dubbed as the favorite person in the series.

Austin made a good amount of money from this and he began his own company that he later sold half the stake to Rick. Selling it was a good strategy to market his merch. Chumlee also appeared in”I lost my head in Vegas” as himself. Rick and Corey also featured in the series.

Image of Chumlee from Pawn Stars show
Chumlee from Pawn Stars show

When it comes to his education, only a few details are recognized. Chumlee is a high school graduate. Other relevant information has been kept secret from the public.

Is Chumlee Married to wife? Or dating a girlfriend

Chumlee was once in a relationship with long time girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi.  The two met back in 2013 at her birthday party. Chumlee became interested in her and took her out on a date. At the time, Tanya worked as a chef in Las Vegas.

Image of Chumlee with his girlfriend Tanya Hyjazi.
Chumlee with his ex-girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi.

She was employed at stack restaurant and bar. Tanya has helped Chumlee to cut off his weight due to her impressive skills in being a chef. She knew the right diet that would make Chumlee shed off some weight.

In 2016, Chumlee started going out with a woman named Olivia Rademann. The very same year, Chumlee faced numerous trouble with the law, especially after the police found illegal substances on his property. Olivia stuck with him through this difficult time. Two years down the line, the couple was engaged.

By August 2019, they were getting married in Hawaii. For a while, they had to live apart from each other because Olivia went back to school. On one occasion, Chumlee even took to Instagram to lament on how hard long distance relationships were. Since then, both of them have been quiet, which leads fans to speculate that they may have separated

Weight Loss Journey

In 2013, Chumlee had a massive weight of 320lbs. This was a great challenge for him. It also led to rumors spreading that he died in 2014 because of a heart attack. Chumlee dismissed these reports on his Instagram page saying that he is alive and well.

Image of Chumlee weight loss before and after
Chumlee weight loss before and after

Chumlee began a weight loss program by going to the gym six days a week. He completely changed his lifestyle habits. Austin began drinking juices, eating healthy meals and most of all abstaining from taking red meat.

The red meat abstinence was due to the death of his father. Lee’s father died at the age of 54 after suffering from Pancreatic cancer. After doing all these, Chumlee lost 75 lbs. This was a great achievement for him. The weight loss enabled him to ride a Hoover craft which is limited to 250lbs.

Age, Birth date

Chumlee was born on September 8, 1982. Currently, Lee is 41 years old.

Chumlee at a glance

Full Name Austin Lee Russell
Age 41
Profession TV personality


Relationship status Married
Net Worth $5 million
Children None
Ethnicity White
Height 5 feet
Nationality American
Hair color brown
Eye color brown

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