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Christina Milian net worth. How much is Christina Milian worth in 2021?

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Image of Christina Milian net worth. How much is Christina Milan worth in 2019

Not every celebrity can act and sing. Christina Milian is a true definition of one of the most talented artists in the world. Her singing and acting career have led to massive changes in her net worth and her public image. Let’s get down to knowing Christina Milian’s net worth in 2019, her age, career, family, boyfriend or husband, kids, and bio.

Career info

Early Career- Commercials

Christina Milian began her career when she was just four. She loves watching TV and listening to radios. From there, she gained some inspiration to join the showbiz industry. By the time she was nine, Christina had begun auditioning for local talent agencies, short commercials for Honeycomb and played the lead role for the musical Annie.


After these ventures, Christina Milian moved to Los Angeles where she developed a desire to become an actress. While there, she always wanted to join the recording labels but did not know how to obtain a recording contract. During this time, Christina was a host for Movie suffers which was a series on the Disney channel. Milian then began working with Jerkins. She went to the studio with Jerkins where she met people in the recording business. At the studio, she had to write a song and ask the producer to make a demo for it. At that time, the producer refused to allow her to create a demo, so she thought of doing it on her own.


In early 2000, Milian began her profession in music. This is after appearing in Ja Rule’s second studio album Rule 3;36. She performed vocals on the song “Between you and me”. The song topped as #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and top 39 in the UK singles chart. In 2001, Milian Co-wrote and performed background vocals for the track play from Jennifer Lopez’s album. Christina Milian later entered into a collaboration with Ja Rule that led her to record a deal with Def Soul Records.

Debut Album

Milian then went to Sweden and recorded her self- titled debut album, which was released on 9 October 2001 in the UK. The album sold 101,986 copies. She later went ahead to do a couple of songs. At this point in time, she decided not to release another album due to some issues with her recording company. She has featured on the track “it’s all gravy” a duo with British rapper Romeo. The song provided a theme song for Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible, “call me, beep me”.

Christina Milian began her acting role by opting to be a reporter on Movie Surfers. This was after declining to join the Mickey Mouse Club. At that time, she also had minor roles in some television series like The Steve Harvey Show, Get real and many more. She then did some extra shows after which she began to venture into films.

Image of Christina Milian from Love Don't Cost a Thing movie

Christina Milian from Love Don’t Cost a Thing movie

Christina Milian played the lead role on the comedy movie  Love Don’t Cost a Thing back in 2003. After that, Christina played a role in Be cool back in 2005 and later on Pulse in 2006. Challenges began after Island Records chose to drop her down after the release of her third album, So Amazin back in 2006. The album made the least sales, which was 163,000 copies. Ever since, her music career has not been very stable apart from being in young money records. She has produced several albums that are yet to hit the market.

In 2017, Milian appeared as a judge on the Fox television show, superhuman. The show featured contestants with paranormal abilities ranging from earing, memory, touch, smell, taste and many more. In 2018, she appeared in the regular series The Oath as Christine Parks. In general her music career has not been very stable. She is mostly based on acting and entrepreneurship.

Net worth: $4.5 Million.

Christina Milian has gained her net worth mostly from her acting career. In terms of music, her old copies have been selling quite well. Other relevant info about her sources of income is unknown to the public. Despite that, Milian co-owns a Viva Diva Wines with her mother and her publicist Robyn Santiago. The venture has made her travel across America with aims to promote the brand and increase her net worth.

Image of American actress, Christina Milian net worth is $4.5 million

American actress, Christina Milian net worth is $4.5 million

As of 2021, Christina Milian’s net worth is $4.5 million.

House, cars, and lifestyle

Christina Milian is known to own a Mercedes G wagon. The luxurious car goes hand in hand with her net worth. Other details of where she lives or her lifestyle are unknown.

Image of Christina Milian with her car

Christina Milian with her car

Age and Birth Date

Christina Milian was born on 26 September 1981. She is currently 40 years old

Relationship status/ History

Milian met Nick Cannon while filming “Love Don’t Cost a thing” in 2003 and they began dating. After two years, the two broke up due to Cannon cheating in the relationship. In February 2009, Christina began dating The-dream. By May, the two announced that they were getting married.

On September 2009, Milian and The- Dream had a child together named Violet on February 26, 2010. Later on, The Dream and Milian separated in late 2009, and their divorce was finalized on October 2011. Just before the finalizing of the divorce, Christina began dating James Prince Jr and got engaged in April 2013. The two got separated after one year.

It was also rumored that Christina Milian was dating rapper Li Wayne in July 2014. They then officially announced their relationship officially in mid-2015. By the end of 2015, the two had already split after doing music-related ventures together. Currently, Christina is the wife of French Singer M. Pokora. The two got  married in 2020, and will celebrate their 1st year anniversary this year.

Image of Christina Milian with her boyfriend M. Pokora

Christina Milian with her husband, M. Pokora


Full Name


Christina Milian




40-years old
Net worth


$4.5 million




Relationship status



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