Chip Hailstone Jail Sentence. What Happened To Chip Hailstone? Why Was He in Jail?

The imprisonment of Chip Hailstone was very devastating to his fans. The celebrity star was sentenced to fifteen months in jail. People have often wondered why Hailstone had to go to jail. To his fans, he made great contributions to the world of entertainment. Hailstone and his family are hunters. It is quite a dangerous lifestyle for them. All the same, they seem quite used to it. Their extraordinary life could not escape the attention of the National Geographic reality TV.

That he has chosen to live such a primitive life at a time when things have gone so modern has made Hailstone some kind of a celebrity. The moment one tries to comment anything negative about Chip in the presence of his fans then he or she should be ready for some serious trouble. For the lovers of the ‘Life Below Zero’ should have by this time realized that Chip Hailstone’ is missing from the reality show. Since the tragic occurrence, several questions have been floated in the air. For instance, some people have asked why he is jailed while others want to know how much time he will spend behind the bars.

Why Is Chip Hailstone in Jail?

The truth of the matter is that Hailstone broke the law. In a case filed in 2011, Chip was accused of two counts of perjury and other instances of providing wrong information to the police. After a long legal battle, the courts ordered that Chip serves three years under probation. His appeal was unsuccessful after so many years. He has to serve the full sentence. Consequently, Chip Hailstone was jailed at the Anchorage Correctional Complex at the beginning of this year.

Image of Chip Hailstone

Hailstone found himself in trouble with the law after a series of events. First, at Alaska, Chip claims that Trooper has physically assaulted his daughter. He made a report to the police and accordingly applied for restraining orders against Mr. Trooper. Moreover, Trooper told the media that the conduct of Trooper left his family living in total fear.

Life Below Zero Chip Hailstone’s 15 Month Jail Sentence.

According to a majority of his fans, the sentenced passed on Chip Hailstone is unfairly long, and that it would have made more sense if the courts could have subjected him to alternative forms of punishment. All in all, his fate seems to have already been sealed, and hopefully, the best which can be done is to pray that the fifteen months come to an end sooner than expected.

Is Chip Hailstone Still in Jail? When is he coming out?

Well, the last time it was checked, Chip Hailstone was in jail. Unless some unique developments take place, Chip will have to serve in jail for the full duration. Fortunately, the court allowed the rest of his family members to continue featuring the documentary in his absence. Whether Chip Hailstone is going to serve the fifteen months in jail or will be released before then is a matter that we can only wait to see.  By end of this year, Chip will only be left with less than three months in jail. Well, things are not so bad after all.

Image of Chip Hailstone Jail

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