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Charlene Harrison: Facts about Corey Harrison’s ex-wife

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Many people around the world, especially wives to celebrities tend to live a very private life. If you are familiar with Corey Harrison, the Pawn star and Icarly actor, then you at least have a clue about Charlene Harrison. She was once Corey Harrison’s wife.

She has the skill to hide away from the cameras. Charlene worked in the Gold and silver Pawnshop before embarking on an expedition to own an online store.

Who is Charlene Harrison, her career info?

Charlene Harrison was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Charlene attended both elementary school and High school. After graduating, she never enrolled for college.  Charlene went ahead to begin a business career. When it came to business, Corey Harrison was the one who endorsed her.

Charlene and Corey met while they were still in High school. At that time, they were in a relationship. Corey was working at his father’s Pawn and Gold shop, which deals with various merch. He began by polishing knobs at the shop. Corey then became the manager of day-to-day operations of the Pawnshop

At that time, Corey and Charlene were still dating. Corey kept on advancing his skills in the business until his father once pronounced him as the head- to- be of the shop. This motivated Charlene to have an online business. Corey has done well ever since, and after his father’s death, his partnership in terms of owning the Pawnshop went high. Previously he had 5% stake in the business.

Charlene began working at the Pawnshop at first. She never appeared In the TV series as a cast member. Her role was only associated with dealing on accessories at the Pawnshop. Later on, after getting a divorce, she diverted into another business venture. Charlene began an online shop. The shop is known as sweet tempered.

Charlene promotes here shop mostly on Twitter where she has one one thousand followers. The shop primarily deals with home accessories. Sweet-tempered mainly deals with baby items, checkbook covers, calendars, hair accessories, bags, and many other things.

The shop seems to do well at the current time. Charlene has a limited range of products in the shop. Having worked for the Gold and silver Pawnshop, she knows what is needed in the market in terms of home accessories and other related items.

Charlene Harrison net worth.

Charlene Harrison’s net worth currently $4 million. She worked at the Pawnshop as a senior staff member. There she made a large amount of money since the shop makes millions every year from the massive sales it makes.

Image of Charlene Harrison with her ex-husband Corey Harrison

Charlene Harrison with her ex-husband Corey Harrison

When she was married to Corey Harrison, they both had a substantial net worth. Charlene garnered enough money to start an online shop. Currently, her net worth has not been revealed to the public. One thing for sure, she makes a large amount of money from the shop since her goods are sold at a fast rate.

Personal life

Charlene personal life is very detailed. She has the skill to hide her face from the media. All we know is that she attended elementary school and high school. Details about her family are unknown.  Charlene and Corey got married in 2009 and later on divorced in 2015.

The two have a strong connection, but it seemed things were not working out for them. Charlene was Corey’s longtime girlfriend since high school. There were no rumors of fights or external affairs. Charlene and Corey had no children.

Later on, Corey married Karina Harrison famously known as Kiki. That was back in 2017. After one year, they had a divorce. Corey said that the two did not get along well especially on their commitment in their careers. Currently, Corey and Kiki are still close friends, and they are expecting a baby. To our surprise, Corey has been given full custody of the child.

People said that Kiki led to the breakup of Charlene with Corey. The two met in 2016 after the divorce case ended.  Overall, Kiki was falsely accused.  Kiki then got married to Corey at a private ceremony in 2017. The divorce between Corey and Kiki was granted on 25 June 2018.

Is Charlene dating currently?

Former Corey Harrison’s wife is not dating. There have been no rumors as to whether Charlene is dating. She mostly focuses on her online shop as its seen in her posts on Twitter.    Moreover, she has kept her life private ever since the divorce.

Charlene Harrison age facts, wiki bio

Harrison was born on June 15, 1986. Currently, she is 37 years old. Charlene is an American native. Her body measurements are hidden from the public.

Full Name


Charlene Harrison


37 years old


Business personality
Relationship status


Net Worth


$4 million










Hair colour


Dark Brown
Eye colour



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