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Catrina Kidd Wikipedia Biography, Net Worth, Age, Birthdate, Husband.

Image of Catrina Kidd Wikipedia Biography, Net Worth, Age, Birthdate, Husband.

If you are into hone design, home décor or real-estate, you know who Catrina Kidd is. This young lady is one who goes out of her way with lots of strength and determination to do her best in what she does and is always available to give her clients the very best of detailed information needed.

Her name has over the years grown into a household, one in this sector of home design. Know about Catrina Kidd’s Net Worth, age, and Husband.

Catrina Kidd Wikipedia Biography.

Catrina Kidd was born Catrina Brooks on September 19th, 1982. She was born in Texas and raised by both parents and two siblings. Catrina had a very close bond with her father, learning most of her hard work skills from him.

She attended Grandview High School and later the University of North Texas and graduated from here in 2004.

After graduation, she did a course in real-estate hoping to work in that sector.

As per Catrina Kidd Wikipedia sources, her career then kicked off by working as a salesperson with a home builder. While working here, she slowly learned a lot about house selling, house designing, house decorating, and ran the construction.

Once the housing market crashed in Texas, she went ahead and tapped into the commercial market.

Image of Catrina Kidd from TV show, Texas Flip N Move

Catrina Kidd from the TV show, Texas Flip N Move

Catrina Kidd got the chance to be part of Texas Flip N Move show for season 4. In this reality TV show, they purchase old houses, renovate and sell for profit.

Catrina Kidd is also well known for the contribution of her work for Gas Monkey Bar N Grill which is a restaurant and live music bar in Texas. She also worked on Yucatan Taco Stand of which she is also the vice-president for.

How old is Catrina Kidd? Her Age and Birthdate

According to Wikipedia sources Catrina Kidd celebrates her birthday every 19th of September. She was born in the year 1982 and is currently 40 years old.

Catrina Kidd Net Worth.

Have you ever wondered how much this talented young lady is worth? How much money she holds in her bank account and what her net worth is? We will answer your questions.

Unfortunately, Catrina Kidd’s exact net worth is still not known and is under review. However, it is estimated that she makes about $69,339 per annum.

Image of TV actor, Catrina Kidd net worth is currently not available

TV actor, Catrina Kidd net worth is currently not available

So where is Catrina’s money sourced from?

Much of her net worth has been made from her career of selling houses, designing houses and decorating homes. Catrina also being the vice-president of a restaurant group has also added to being another source of her income. Finally, being a TV personality has also greatly added to her income growth.

With such dedication and hard work Catrina portrays in her career, we are set to see her net worth keep rising and finally have an exact figure of how much she really owns.

Is Catrina Kidd Married to a husband?

If you are a fan of Catrina Kidd, you definitely want all the juice in regards to her relationship. Catrina Kidd is happily married to Mark Kidd, who is a self-made real-estate businessman.

The beautiful couple (Catrina and Mark Kidd) tied the knot on August 28th, 2008, meaning they have been married for 15 years now. Catrina and Mark got married in an intimate beach wedding where they exchanged vows in front of close friends and family.

Catrina Kidd and husband Mark Kidd have been blessed with four adorable children. Three sons and one daughter, namely: Colten, Stockton, Tuck, and Joslynn. They live together as a family in Weatherford, west of Fort Worth.

Catrina often shows off her husband Mark Kidd on social media, branding him as the best husband ever, and saying how lucky she is to have him as her spouse. They are very close and love each other to bits.

Initially, there were rumors that Catrina Kidd was married to her co-worker Casey Hester on the show Texas Flip N Move. This was because they appeared close and to have a thing going while on the show. However, this is not true as both are married yes, but to different partners.

Name Catrina Brooks Kidd
When born and age September 19th, 1982 (40 -years old)
Career Home decorator/Home designer
Net worth Under review. Salary $69,339 per annum.
Citizenship American
Ethnicity White
Mother Letha Brooks
Father Dennis Earl Brooks
Siblings Two siblings – Chris and Cody.
Partner Mark Kidd
Place of birth Texas, USA

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