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Casey Hester Wife, Net Worth, Family, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Casey Hester Wife, Net Worth, Family, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Meet Casey Hester, a Texas-born smart talker, and a pro at flipping houses. He mostly appears on DIY Network’s ‘Texas Flip N Move’ alongside his trusted partner Catrina Kidd.

The chemistry between Casey Hester and Catrina Kidd on screen is so captivating that many a time, people mistake them for a married couple.

Well, we are here to set things straight by feeding you with not so known facts about Casey Hester’s net worth, age, real wife and family. For good measure, we’ll throw in his Wiki-bio as well.

Texas Flip N Move Casey Hester Married to wife Tosha Davidson Hester.

The constant jabs that Hester throws at Catrina plus her brutal comebacks make them look like a bickering old couple. The truth is, it’s all out of love.

But not too much of it since they are both life-long partners to their significant others.

Casey Hester doesn’t talk much about his personal life but occasionally steps in to protect her against any buildup of rumors. His wife’s name is Tosha Davidson Hester, and together, they share four kids namely, Christian, Levi, Logan, and Ariel.

Image of Casey Hester with his wife Tosha Davidson Hester

Casey Hester with his wife, Tosha Davidson Hester

Aside from his charming persona on television, he is a sweet-old romantic. Just recently, he treated his wife on a surprise getaway for their wedding anniversary.

The highlight of the noble gesture was relieving their wedding all over again after he rented the same limo they used on their matrimonial day.

On the other hand, his partner and co-star, Catrina is also married with kids. Catrina has a husband named Mark, and as you guessed it, they also share four children named Tuck, Stockton, Joslynn, and Colten

Casey Hester Net Worth.

There is no current data on Casey Hester’s net worth nor his salary, but we do have quite a bit on his career. His celebrity status is only defined by his role on Texas Flip N Move since he hasn’t done any other skits.

Image of Casey Hester net worth is not available

Casey Hester net worth is not available

He officially joined the show during its third season as a house renovator and flipper. The partnership with Catrina made its debut during the show’s fourth season and had spiraled into friendship off-screen. Before that, he appeared as a house mover and the cousin to Cody, a former cast member.

Cody and his partner, Suzi Slay who went by the alias ‘The Young Guns’ were part of the show’s pioneers. However, they left after three successful seasons for unknown reasons. Rumor has it that they got arrested for drug possession.

Nevertheless, Casey Hester continues to cash in a hefty salary from the show as well as the profits he gets from selling the renovated homes.

Casey Hester Age, Wiki-Bio, Parents.

Full name  Casey Hester
Age 44
Date of Birth June 29, 1979
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession TV star
Net worth Under review
Wife Tosha Davidson Hester
Kids Four
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown

Casey’s private life is his alone to disclose. We don’t like being the bearers of bad news, but for his case, there is no other way.

The TV star has humble beginnings and comes from a family of house movers.

Casey Hester’s father and his dad before him founded the moving company that you saw him operating with The Young Guns. Looks placing the family business in his hands was the right move since he elevated its status to fetch for a higher clientele.


Casey Hester’s wife is Tosha Davidson and not Catrina Kidd. The couple age gracefully and spends most of their quality time fishing with the kids when he’s not too busy enjoying his net worth.

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