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Bryan Baeumler Net Worth, House. Meet his Wife Sarah Baeumler and their children.

Bryan Baeumler is HGTV’s golden boy, famous on shows like Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition and House of Bryan. We don’t want to give much away, but the series revolves around his handyman’s work in building living spaces.

As a result, the TV star gives other home improvement shows a run for their money, including the sister network, DIY Network. Since you’re already reading this, we might as well tell you about Bryan Baeumler’s net worth house.

Also, meet his wife, Sarah Baeumler.

Who is Bryan Baeumler?

Doctors have their doctrine certificates, lawyers have their bar exams, and Bryan has his utility belt. He also holds a Political Science and Business Degree, which rarely comes in handy at work.

Now that you’re acquainted with the TV star’s résumé, let’s talk skills.

The Disaster DIY host is a chip off the old block when it comes to building stuff. His daddy was an aircraft engineer and repaired most of the broken things in their household.

As a result, young Bryan picked up a thing or two and a hammer, if you will.

Image of Bryan Baeumler from TV show, Disaster DIY

Bryan Baeumler from the TV show, Disaster DIY

One of Baeumler’s most significant accomplishments is taking credit for building his family’s cottage. Similarly, he helped out on some neighbourly projects until he got shipped off to college.

Consequently, the handyman graduated and kicked off his career in air cargo from 1995 till 2003. Finally, he made a home run into television in 2008 by narrating Disaster DIY and more.

Bryan Baeumler Net worth in 2023. Sources of Income

Before Bryan’s wife, Sarah Baeumler’s wife, we’ll tell you about his wealth.

Bryan Baeumler has an astounding net worth estimation of $20million. Now, before you let out your brouhahas, you should know that he is the CEO of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc.

The firm delivers some unique designs, excellent service, and minimal costs.

Image of Canadian television host, Bryan Baeumler net worth is $15 million

Canadian television host, Bryan Baeumler net worth is $20million

On the other hand, the TV star is also the face of HeyBryan, a mobile app that links homeowners and their service providers. Similarly, his stage presence in hosting shows like Leave it to Bryan, ‘Da Kink in My Hair, and Island of Bryan have boosted his net worth.

As a result, the handyman was invited to make guest appearances on shows like Kortney & Dave, The Marilyn Denis Show, and more. Lastly, his titular roles also landed him a Gemini Award for Best Host in a Performing Arts Program.

Where does Bryan Baeumler live?

Baeumler’s tastes in residency call for privacy and seclusion from most of the world. In his new series, Island of Bryan, you’ll find him in South Andros Island in the Bahamas working on a beachfront resort.

The goal of the Caerula Mar Club; the resort he is working on, is to deliver frontier services to tourists who visit.

It’s scheduled to open in November 2019, but you can reserve your stay as early as now. On the other hand, he has a massive 3500-square-foot family home in Oakville, Ontario.

Bryan Baeumler is still married to his wife Sarah Baeumler.

The home expert married his wife, Sarah, back on March 26th, 2004, when they were working on their respective careers. Sarah Baeumler is an interior designer, lifestyle blogger, and dance trainer of Canadian Origin.

Image of Bryan Baeumler with his wife Sarah Baeumler and with their kids

Bryan Baeumler with his wife Sarah Baeumler and with their kids

Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler met in school at Appleby College in Oakville and kept in touch. A decade later, they reunited and sparked a fire that turned into love and, ultimately, marriage. Other than that, their previous lovers haven’t surfaced yet.

Their Children.

Bryan Baeumler and his wife Sarah are in it together forever, not only because they were bound in love and marriage but also because they have kids to take care of. They have two boys named Quintyn and Lincoln, as well as girls, Charlotte and Josephine

Bryan Baeumler’s Wife Sarah Baeumler Wiki-bio, Net worth, Age, Career.

Full name Sarah Baeumler
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth 26th March 1978
Place of Birth Oakville, Ontario
Profession Television Host, Design blogger
Net worth $20million
Husband Bryan Baeumler
Kids 4
Height 5’8
Weight 54kg
Zodiac Sign Aries

Like her husband, Sarah was born in Oakville, Ontario, on March 26th, 1978, and is currently 45 years of age. Details of her family and early life may be scanty, but we do know that she grew up with an elder sister in Canada.

Moreover, the TV host went to Appleby College, where she met her husband before setting a course for tertiary education in dance.

Initially, Sarah Baeumler had worked as a Dance camp counsellor at Camp Totorecardo in her hometown. However, she got the push she needed financially to start her dance studio in 2006 and called it Balletomane. By the time the family stepped into the film industry, her clientele was streaming in.

In 2009, Bryan Baeumler’s wife, Sarah, became an interior designer and lifestyle blogger. Consequently, she began a premium monthly subscription box service, which goes for about $50 and contains refined merchandise.

As a result, Sarah Baeumler has a net worth of $20million, which she shares with her husband, Bryan.

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