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Bristol and Aubrey Marunde Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

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Image of Bristol and Aubrey Marunde Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde are famously known as the co-hosts of HGTV show, Flip or Flop. Aubrey is a professional real estate agent, designer as well as a television host.

Bristol Marunde, on the other hand, is a famous American Mixed Martial Artist.

Below is all you need to know about this wonderful couple. This includes Briston and Aubrey Marunde’s net worth and Wikipedia.

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde Married Life, Kids

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde got married on 24th May 2015. The two came to know each other through a friend, John Guns. Reportedly, Bristol and Aubrey initially met during a UFC fight in Las Vegas in 2009. Consequently, they went for a coffee date.

It was then that the two fell in love with each other. They dated for about six years before finally walking down the aisle. The couple has now been married for 8 years.

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde have two kids so far. The eldest son is called Kale Marunde who is currently 10 years old. The second born is called Kane Marunde, and he is 7 years old.

Image of Bristol Marunde with his wife Aubrey Marunde and with their kids

Bristol Marunde with his wife Aubrey Marunde and with their kids

Both Kale and Kane usually accompany their parents to construction sites. They seem to have the same passion as their parents. Their interest in real estate, construction, and creative work is evident. Moreover, they act as their parent’s assistants from time to time.

Their kids’ passion for construction was demonstrated by Kale sometime ago. He was asked to pick a suitable color for a light blue accent wall. He was then provided with a massive paint swatch book. Amazingly, Kale was able to point out the exact colour

that Aubrey had picked.

Bristol and Aubrey spend most of their time with their kids. They enjoy visiting new places. They are always at the swimming pool or at least playing trampoline at their house. Additionally, the happily married couple also has a mini zoo in their home.

They keep pet animals such as dogs, turtles, chicken, fish, and parakeets. Bristol and Aubrey use their pets in their zoo to teach their children responsibility.

The couple is also quite active in social media. Often, they post their beautiful photos and quotes.

Bristol Marunde’s Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia-Bio, Career, TV Shows.

Name Bristol Marunde
Age 41 years
Birthdate 20th April 1982
Birthplace Fairbanks, Alaska
Nationality American
Parents Not disclosed
Siblings Jesse Marunde
Career Mixed Martial Artist, Contractor
Net worth $2 million
Wife Aubrey Marunde
Children 2 (Kale Marunde and Kane Marunde)
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 77 kg

Bristol Marunde’s age is currently 41 years having been born on 20th April 1982. His Wikipedia-bio reveals that he was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. During his early life, his parents relocated to Sequim, Washington which is near Seattle. At the moment, his parents’ names are not disclosed.

Bristol Marunde was influenced into joining Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) by his elder brother, Jesse Marunde. Within no time, he rose to fame and became a professional MMA and UFC fighter. His official debut on UFC was in April 2013.

Bristol Marunde was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson. He competed with George Lockhart and won in the first round. Then on Episode 4, Bristol Marunde was selected to fight veteran, Julian Lane. After two grueling rounds, he won the fight.

The celebrity also participated in the ROTR Welterweight Championship at Combat MMA Games: Super Brawl 1. This happened on April 6, 2014, whereby he competed with Ian Williams. Luckily, he won via submission in the first round.

Image of Bristol Marunde from TV show, Flip or Flop Vegas

Bristol Marunde from TV show, Flip or Flop Vegas

Ten years down the line, he was forced to drop his UFC career due to a broken jaw. As a result, he started pursuing filming as a career. He started off by filming the pilot episode of High Stakes Flippers, a reality TV show. Later on, in 2015, he joined his wife, Aubrey Marunde, working as a TV show host.

He made his debut as a co-host of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Vegas show in April 2017. The first episode of the show aired on April 6, 2017.

Bristol Marunde has an approximated net worth of $2 million. Together with his wife, their net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He weighs 77 kg with a height of 6feet 1 inch.

Image of Mixed Martial artist, Bristol Marunde net worth is $2 million

Mixed Martial artist, Bristol Marunde net worth is $2 million

Aubrey Marunde Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia-Bio, Career

Aubrey Marunde’s age has remained a greatly guarded secret. However, we can estimate that the reality TV star was born in the 80s in Milton, Pennsylvania. If we had to guess, she is in her mid-30s. This is where she was brought up by her parents during her childhood years. She is an American national of white ethnicity.

Aubrey Marunde’s parents have also not been greatly discussed. However, her father worked as a general contractor. This is what inspired her to develop an interest in real estate.

After her high school, Aubrey joined the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She pursued a course in marketing. She was also a gymnast and a cheerleader.

Later, the designer relocated to Los Angeles, Nevada, the USA to start her career. Marunde’s career on TV started in 2016. This was when she made her debut on High Stakes Flippers.

Image of Aubrey Marunde from TV show, Flip or Flop Vegas

Aubrey Marunde from the TV show, Flip or Flop Vegas

Later in 2017, the TV star also featured as part of the cast in Flip or Flop Vegas. She then featured on the daytime talk show Harry in 2018. It was in the same year when she also made an appearance in Brother vs. Brother.

Aubrey Marunde’s net worth is mainly attributed to her TV shows. Together with her husband, Bristol Marunde, they have an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Image of Aubrey Marunde with her husband Bristol Marunde net worth is $5 million

Aubrey Marunde with her husband Bristol Marunde net worth is $5 million

The reality TV star and businesswoman also purchased a home at the age of 20. Also, Aubrey has interests in real estate and designing. She is famed for having renovated over 150 homes in Sin City. This she has done together with her husband.

Aubrey Marunde’s career in real estate started in 2006 when she got her real estate license. In 2009, she joined hands with her husband, and they began working together. Currently, they have managed to renovate more than 150 houses together in Las Vegas.

Name Aubrey Marunde
Age Early 40s
Birthdate 1980s
Birthplace Milton, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality American
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career TV Personality, Real Estate Agent, Designer
Net worth $5 million (combined with her husband’s)
Husband Bristol Marunde
Children 2 (Kale and Kane Marunde)
Height Not disclosed
Weight Not disclosed

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