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Bridget Lancaster Married, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Wikipedia Bio.

Image of Bridget Lancaster Married, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Wikipedia Bio.

Bridget Lancaster is a famous chef who made it big after getting the opportunity to co-host the show, America’s Test Kitchen alongside Julia Davison. Unsurprisingly, her journey parallels that of Julia. They were both brought on to the PBS sponsored show in the early 2000s.

Additionally, they both signed on to star in the spin-off, Cook’s County. Bridget is also a celebrated author, with a cookbook out there in the market.

The West Virginia native Bridget Lancaster is also a married woman. This review will dive into various aspects of Bridget Lancaster’s life, including her net worth and bio. Read ahead to learn everything you need to know about the chef.

Who is Bridget Lancaster?

Bridget Lancaster is an American woman who is a top celebrity chef. She became a household name after starring on the critically acclaimed reality cook show, America’s Test Kitchen.

She was brought on the show back in 2001 and went on to make several appearances over the show’s impressive 21 season run. Bridget was an on-call chef, alongside her would be co-host Julia Davison. She is a veteran of the show, with 20 years on the ATK under her belt.

This is one of the reasons why the decisions makers over at the PBS network decided to the keys to the kingdom over to her. Bridget Lancaster is part of the reason why the show remarkably boasts more than six Daytime Emmy Awards.

Image of Bridget Lancaster with her co-host Julia Davison

Bridget Lancaster with her co-host Julia Davison

Besides her duties on the reality show, she also helped with the editorial side of things. Bridget lent her expertise when it came to editing the show’s magazine.

The chef also stars in Cook’s Country, another cooking based show that is sponsored by PBS network. Her voice is also known in the radio broadcast circuit.

For several years, she took part in a cooking program where she shared tips she picked up over an impressive culinary career.

Image of Bridget Lancaster from the TV show, America's Test Kitchen

Bridget Lancaster from the TV show, America’s Test Kitchen

To conclude her career details, we will explore Bridget Lancaster’s venture into the literary world. Alongside longtime friend and co-host Julia Davison, she co-authored a cookbook, Cooking at Home With Bridget & Julia.

The book was initially released back in 2017. Encompassing it is a remarkable assortment of over 100 recipes personally selected by Bridget and Julia.

Bridget Lancaster Married to husband?

Chef Bridget Lancaster has a husband. His name is Stephen Lancaster. The two are two peas in a pod as Stephen is also a celebrated chef from Scotland.

Bridget Lancaster and husband Stephen Lancaster also share an abundant love for French Butter Cookies. It is not hard to see why they gravitated towards each other as the couple had so much in common.

We were unable to uncover the exact date in which Bridget Lancaster got married to the husband Stephen. However, we did learn that throughout their marriage, they have had two children together.

Their first son, Tom Lancaster was born back in 2002 and is turning 19 this year. Their second boy, James, came six years later. Presently, the family resides together in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Bridget Lancaster Family.

The ATK chef was raised by parents Jim and Linda Sapp. We also learned that Bridget Lancaster grew up alongside one sister. Cooking is something which runs deep in the family.

Bridget’s grandmother was a fantastic cook. She passed down all her skills and tips to Linda, who in turn taught her children. Bridget and her sister were naturals.

Christmas became one of their favorite time of the year as they got to make and decorate cookies for the rest of the family to enjoy. Linda and Jim Sapp raised their children in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.

Bridget Lancaster Net worth.

Boasting an on-screen career that has spanned over fifteen years, it is safe to assume that Bridget Lancaster’s net worth is quite substantial.

Also, she is also a renowned chef, and this serves as an extra source of income, adding to her robust net worth.

Bridget is also the author of the book, Cooking at home with Bridget and Julia. At the moment, Bridget Lancaster’s net worth is $2 million.

Image of TV Personality, Bridget Lancaster net worth is $2 million

TV Personality, Bridget Lancaster net worth is $2 million

Bridget Lancaster Wikipedia, Bio.

Full name Bridget Lancaster.
Age 55 years old.
Date of Birth 1968.
Place of Birth Cross Lanes, West Virginia, USA.
Profession Celebrity Chef, Television host, Author.
Net worth $2 million
Spouse Stephen Lancaster.
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign N/A.
Parents Linda and Jim Sapp. 

Bridget Lancaster is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a famous chef, but she is also a celebrated television host on the PBS show ATK. Bridget came into this world back in 1968.

As a result, she is 55 years old at the moment. Cooking has been her passion ever since she was a little girl. Bridget and her sister learned everything from their mother.

The former would continue furthering her culinary talents. Her educational background includes stints at Nitro High School and Ohio State University.

After she was done with college, she took jobs across several restaurants to enhance her skills in the culinary arts. This paid off when she was brought on to PBS to feature on one of their reality show.

After sixteen years of stellar service, the network let her host America Test Kitchen alongside longtime friend and partner Julia.

The two are a dynamic duo that has extended their partnership to the world of print. Their cookbook currently goes for about $18 per copy on Amazon.

Bridget Lancaster is a wife and mother of two wonderful boys. She married a man who was equally enthralled with cooking. As such, we are quite sure that their children will pick up the mantle one day.

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