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Bob Vila Net Worth, Age, Dead, Wife Diana Barrett.

Image of Bob Vila Net Worth, Age, Dead, Wife Diana Barrett.

Do you love home improvement reality TV programs? If you are a fanatic, the mention of Bob Vila must ring a bell in your mind. Bob is the pioneer of home improvement reality TV shows.

He is no longer on the TV screens, but he left a memorable mark on many TV lovers back in the late ‘70s into the early ’00s.

Bob Vila has built a slow but sure path to great net worth. This article will provide you with information about Bob Vila’s net worth, how he made a career, his long-term marriage with his lovely wife, Diana Barrett, and their children. Keep reading.

Who is Bob Vila? His career and TV shows.

Bob Vila went to Miami Jackson High School. He went on to join the University of Florida, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 1969. Bob Vila joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Panama from 1971 to 1973.

Bob’s career started when he rebuilt his home in Newton, Massachusetts.

After he did the job, he presented his house for a competition, which he won the award for Heritage House of 1978. This was an award by the magazine called Better Homes and Gardens.

This win was his door opener as he was approached by the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) to host a show called “This Old House.”

The show followed the rebuilding of houses over weeks. Bob worked for the show from 1979 to 1989. But his time on the Show didn’t last long as he left the show following a conflict of interest case with the station. He was accused of engaging in commercial endorsements.

Later in 1970, he became a moderator of a television show called “Bob Vila’s Home Again,” which he worked on from 1990 to 2007. He would make visits to building sites of house restorations and provide advice on the best ways to accomplish the projects.

Bob Vila also has played roles in the TV series, “Restore America.” He worked here from the year 1999 to 2000. He has also worked with the shows “Tool Time,” and “Home Shopping Network.”

Image of Bob Vila from TV show, This Old House
Bob Vila from the TV show, This Old House

Bob Vila is a writer of repute. He has written several books such as Bob Vila’s Guide to Historic Homes of America (1993-1994), This Old House: Restoring, Rehabilitating, and Renovating (1980), and Bob Vila’s Guide to Buying Your Dream House (1990).

He has built an enormous net worth from all these career engagements.

Bob Vila’s Net worth is $70 Million.

How much wealth does Bob Vila have? Being a host of home improvement shows, Bob has managed to amass a good amount of wealth. The many years of his career were spent building a net worth for himself.

Credible sources have estimated Bob Vila’s net worth to be $70 million in 2023.

Image of Television presenter, Bobn Vila net worth is $30 million
Television presenter, Bob Vila net worth is $70 million

A large chunk of this wealth comes from working in the home improvement shows. He also made a lot of money from home-building brand endorsements. His TV series “This Old House” built Bob Vila both a great name and wealth.

His interest in home improvement was inspired by his Cuban father, who made their home from scratch. At 77 years old, Bob still carries that passion that has built him a high net worth.

Bob Vila’s Married life with his wife Diana Barrett.

Bob is happily married to Diana Barrett since 1975. The couple has enjoyed a long marriage devoid of the usual celebrity problems.

Image of Bob Vila with his wife Diana Barrett
Bob Vila with his wife, Diana Barrett

They have three children together. At 77 years old, Bob is not relenting on his marital bliss. There has been no mention of marital issues between Bob Vila and his wife, Diana Barrett.

They are happily enjoying their marriage.

Their Children

Bob has a son called Christopher Vila and two daughters, Monica Vila and Susannah Vila.


Bob Vila’s Dead or just a rumor?

American TV show host Bob Vila is well and alive, going about his passion for rebuilding houses. At 77 years old, Bob is now more active on his YouTube channel, Bob Vila. In this channel, he has listed a lot of how-to videos.


He shows you how to store paint, install an iron staircase, how to remove crayon stains, and many more. The channel has 107k subscribers. He also has a website called, where he publishes home improvement information.


Bob Vila was born as Robert Joseph Vila. He was born on 24th June 1946 in Miami, Florida, USA. This makes him 77 years of age.

He was born to a Cuban father and mother. His parents were both from Havana, Cuba, but they lived in the land of opportunities, the USA.

His father worked as a Cuban military intelligence officer in World War II. The family moved to Cuba when he was ten years old but later relocated back to the USA before Fidel Castro was installed in power by the communist revolution.

Bob Vila is alive and has built himself a high net worth and family.

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