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Blake Lively plastic surgery (Before and AFter), Nose Job.

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Today we tell you about Blake Lively’s plastic surgery and about her looks before and after the surgery. Two things, Hollywood is always looked upon for. Oh! Yeah -first is, how well the stars act (their acting skills). And the second one, not only fans but even the celebrities are conscious every time and it is “look”.

Be it a Met Gala or Cannes Fim Festival, Hollywood celebrities make themselves look ardent as well as perfect at the same time. And getting their surgery done to look exceptionally beautiful/ handsome is quite normal in the film and entertainment industry.

One such star has got her Nose job done, and she is none other than 36-year old Blake Lively. Blake is famous for her role as Serena in ‘Gossip Girls’. Let’s check it out, how it all went on.

Did Blake Lively had Nose Job?

If you are career-minded and also make sure to look the way you love, it is fine to go through the changes you want. Every person has their right to choose what they want specially then when they are able to afford it themselves.

Talking about Blake neither she nor the surgeons are ready to admit that she has gone through a nose job. But when one views her before and after pictures and compares it, then it comes in a notice that she has definitely gone through some plastic surgery.

Blake Lively before plastic surgery.

Before her surgery, Blake’s eyelids used to be heavier and nose seems to be larger. She even focused on improving her eyebrows, she started growing it and also spark it with pencil eyebrow.

Image of Blake Lively plastic surgery of nose before and after

Blake Lively plastic surgery of nose before and after

Blake Lively after plastic surgery.

After the rhinoplasty, Blake’s nose has become slimmer and sleeker. Her eyebrows also have been shortened. Her face looks like a woman in her 20’s.

But when given a deeper thought, it’s impossible to have such a slim body with three pregnancies gone through. Although, she isn’t admitting but definitely Blake has gone through any change done with her skin.

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