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Black Ink Crew Cast Net Worth, Salary, Ages, Real Names.

There are a lot of reality TV shows on the planet. Some plain old simple while others full of drama. As for Black Ink Crew which airs on the VH1 network, several plotlines emerge with every episode.

Each character adds a special zing into the show to make it what it is. That is why we shall be focusing on the cast, highlighting some of their personal details like age, net worth, and salary.

Also on our to-do list are their real names, relationship, and marital statuses, if any.


It is important to start with him since, without the guy, there would be no Black Ink Crew to talk about. A real visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist are some of the words to describe the star.

Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser’s real name is Ceasar David Emmanuel as seen on his birth certificate which reads, Born on June 5th, 1979.


Ceaser from Black Ink Crew is currently 44 years of age.

Ceaser’s net worth is $2.5 million. The 44-year-old Tatto enthusiast is the founder of the tattoo parlor we see on the show which is based in Harlem, New York. It comes in as the first Black Tattoo owned parlor to hit the streets of Harlem.

The artist devotes his life’s work to provide for his daughter Cheyenne. However, he was once slapped with a lawsuit for failing to cater for her but that’s all in the past.

Life is good nowadays for the star as he is single. Past romantic affiliations include his engagement to Dutchess Latimore and his brief relationship with Karlie Redd.

Sky From Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Age, Real Name:

A good shop business is as good as its reception. That is why Sky from Black Ink Crew, real name Jo Keita, is the perfect candidate for the job as a receptionist. The name is rather mouthy and that’s why she prefers to be called Jakeita Days.


The receptionist comes in fourth as one of the richest cast members on the show. Her salary may be under wraps but her net worth isn’t. Sky’s Net Worth is currently $4 million. While most of the VH1 star’s fortune comes from the reality show, others come from her career as an actress in the movie Sacred Famous.

Born on September 19th, 1983, in Harlem, the African-American got knocked up at the age of 14 with two sons. While she is 40 years now and financially stable, this wasn’t the case back in the day as she had to put her sons up for adoption.

Currently single, she has done her best to try and reach out to them.


She may have started off as a recurring cast, but went on to become the main cast by the end of season 3. So why was this executive decision made you ask? Well, it’s because of pure and raw talent. Donna’s real name is Taylor Monet Pinkney, she was born on September 20th, 1992.


The Cleveland local, Donna from Black Ink Crew is a prominent and talented tattoo artist as well as a body piecer. Judging from the years she has put in the business and facts to back us up, the 31-year-old’s net worth as of 2023 was valued at $5 million. The new year brought new possibilities and therefore this could have risen tremendously in the recent past.

When it comes to family, the artist has a twin sister named Britney, a nurse and mother of two. On the other hand, Lombardi is with no kids to her husband Maxwell. The ceremony took place in 2016 with family and close friends only. Prior to Maxwell, she had been seeing another guy named Teddy.


After seeing the success story of his cousin Ceasar with his Tattoo shop, he left his life of hustling with his homies and joined the crew. The reality star Ted’s real name is Teddy Ruks but in the real sense, his name is Ted Sharrif Homer.


Born on January 26th, 1983, the reality tv actor is currently 40 years old. Like Donna, Ruks also started off as a recurring cast member but was offered a major role on the show by the end of season 3.

Working as the assistant manager and second in command to Ceasar, he has made fortunes amounting to a net worth of $4 million.

As for his relationship status, we can say he has it all. Charming and quite the ladies’ man he once had three girls, Ashley, India, and Sky all fighting over him. His other conquest is an Asian girl as seen in his social media account.


If you thought that Teddy was Ceasar’s only assistant manager, think again. Born in Harlem, New York on November 23rd, 1981, Walt grew up fending for himself in the streets.

The 42-year-old got a clean breakthrough when he was offered a position as Ceasar’s Assistant Manager ever since he set up shop.


Walter Miller is the real name of Walt from Black Ink Crew. Going about the work all wrong, he got fired and the position handed to Teddy.

On a road to self-discovery and improvement, the ex-assistant manager got offered a permanent position as one of the main cast members at the beginning of its sixth season.

Working diligently as a professional photographer, Walt managed to garner a net worth of $50,000 as of 2023.

The photographer doesn’t talk about family much nor does he reveal details about them. However, he is married and a father to 3 kids.


From rags to riches comes yet another story of VH1’s star Melody whose real name is Melody Mitchell. Born in Tampa Florida on July 16th, 1988, makes her currently 35 years old. Putting ink on people’s body’s is her profession.


The Florida girl is known as the dreamer on the show as she has these unique ideas that she always wants to put on ink. In fact, one of her dreams and wishes is to break out and start her own tattoo shop. Given a few more years, she most definitely will reach her potential as she currently has a net worth of $13 million.

Working as a tattoo artist seemed to have brought her close to her lover Lalo Yunda. The two are both tattoo artists and very much skilled.

Together, they are the parents of a son named Kai who was born in the first season of the show.

Young Bae:

The show may be called Black Ink but that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to the Black American tattoo artists. Coming next on the list is Young Bae, an Asian with roots in South Korea and a blossoming career in America since 2009.

Young Bae

Born on October 8th 1984, Young Bae currently 38 years of age and already owns her own tattoo shop called Diamond Tattoos. On top of the revenue, she gets from this, she also became a series regular on the show and increasing her fortune.

According to Celebrity Net worth, the South Korean artist Young Bae’s Net Worth is $1-5 million.

O’s**t/Richard (Richard Duncan)

While his alias may be censored due to obvious reasons, his real name is Richard Duncan. The South Carolina native Richard Duncan from Black Ink Crew is currently 36 years old lives with his blended family in Atlanta. The real mystery remains, why choose such an alias?


O’s**t has been working alongside Ceasar and the gang as a tattoo artist. Currently valued at an estimated net worth of $1 million thousand, he tries to be a better father figure for the five kids he is parenting.

The artist got married to Nikki (real name Niekiha) back in 2016. Together they have a daughter named Nova-Rae Rose and a son named Jeremiah from her previous relationship.

Also sharing his bloodline with other baby mamas include Achilles, Lulu and Khodi from their mothers Kathie, Coley, and Anya respectively

Miss Kitty:

While expanding his horizon, Ceasar decided to set up a new shop on 125th and no one better to handle the receptionist job as Miss Kitty. Her alias may be all pretty and glamorous but her personality, strong and fierce. MIss Kitty’s real name is Kit SoVain.

Miss Kitty

Born in Washington DC on February 28th, 1992, she couldn’t help but be amazed at herself looking through mirrors. Hence the name, SoVain. Growing up, she became a professional make-up artist and worked at House of Ink as a receptionist.

This boosted her credibility and is probably one of the reasons she got a job as a recurring cast member on the show. While the 31-year-old’s life may be up in reality television, her personal life isn’t. The star’s net worth, as well as her relationship status, are both unknown.


Nicknamed Baby Face Killa because of his adorable face and stature, let this not fool you. Kevin Laroy is a grown man currently 37 years old. He was born on Christmas Day 1986 and has over a decade’s work as a tattoo artist.


Joining the Black Ink Crew as a recurring cast member from season 5, he has grown exponentially in other shows as well. These include Ink Master on Spike TV where he exhibited the rare art of photorealism and 3D tattoos.

Laroy’s net worth is just as private as his thoughts.

Girls don’t tickle the Dallas Texas native’s fancy. In fact, he recently came out of the closet about his sexuality and confessed to his father.

Unlike other stereotypic dads, his was so chilled about the big reveal and supported him. Kevin has yet to reveal his boyfriend if he has one already.

Alex Estevez:

Things seemed so good for the 36-year-old tattoo model and a receptionist named Alexandra Estevez until alcohol came in the way. She appeared on the show Black Ink Crew for the first two seasons before calling it quits.

To emphasize on her exit, no it wasn’t a quiet one for the matter.

Alex Estevez

On an episode of titled Mixxxy Madness the model had one too many and got too flirtatious with the owner of the shop. At least that’s what he says. In her defense, she says she was drugged when she was handed a drink by one of the cast.

The production was slapped with a million-dollar lawsuit claiming she was roofied and made to appear slutty in the edits.

With no one to pick her calls, the New Yorker with Dominican descent, dropped the lawsuit. Her net worth, bio, and relationship status are hard to determine since her celebrity status disappeared after she left the show.

Jadah Blue:

Adding color and a much dazzle to the show is Jadah Blue, a 31-year-old reality star on the VH1 network. She first joined the rest of the gang in Season 6 of Black Ink Crew.

While her hair may be blue in color her personality would most definitely be red if personalities could be defined with colors.

Jadah Blue

Working as a receptionist, the Reality TV star doesn’t like anyone crossing her. We think its got something to do with her professional boxing career in the past. She may have hung her gloves but that doesn’t mean she won’t tell anyone off she rubs shoulders with.

The former boxer, Jadah Blue from Black Ink Crew’s net worth is estimated at around $6 million while her relationships are rumored to be surrounding the guys at the shop. The blue-haired star has no defined boyfriend yet.


Always the source of drama around the show is Ceasar’s old flame, Dutchess Lattimore. Crystiana Lavielle Lattimore is her real name as recorded in her birth certificate on February 25th, 1984 in Lincolnton, North Carolina.


The 39-year-old has worked as a runway model before settling on the show as a tattoo artist and one of the main cast members. Not to mention her bachelor’s degree in business management, hardworking with several years in the business, Duchess from Black Ink Crew has a net worth amounting to $1 million.

Perfecting her designs while based in Harlem, she got romantically linked to NFL star Zach Sanchez. The relationship started off well but the ending, not so great with shade all over Instagram.

Tiffany Perez:

The show wouldn’t be complete without a Latina to add to the list. Tiffany Perez who goes by her alias Tiffany Tattoos started off as a guest and now appears as a recurring cast member. We doubt she can be a full-time cast since she has her own shop to worry about. It’s called Ink Gallery Tattoo Parlor.

Tiffany Perez:

The American with Puerto Rican descent was born in New Jersey on March 20th, 1987. Currently 36 years old, she has time and time again proved that women can be just as successful in the same tattoo oriented business.

While Tifanny Perez’s net worth is still under review, it’s almost definite that she has surpassed the million-dollar bar mostly from her earnings on the shop.

Her marital and relationship status may be off records but her bio isn’t. The New Jersey native enrolled at Montclair State University where she majored in Fine Arts. She received much inspiration and her family that helped her pursue a career in a male-dominated industry.


Party freak Paul Robinson also known as Puma is one Ceasar’s oldest friends. They go way back in the day and as such, he was part of the main cast members when the show first aired. It was after four seasons that he took a break from reality Television to focus on other things.


However, he sometimes comes back onto the spotlight making guest appearances next to his wife Shaquana Robinson, also a reality tv star. Together they have a daughter named Tamia. Talk about meeting the Robinsons.

Prior to working under Ceasar’s rules, Puma was a Public Relations Manager at Art 2 Ink tattoo studio. To sum up his fortune, the former manager has a net worth of $150 thousand at just 41 years old. He was born in New York on February 13th,1982.


As discussed earlier, Quani from Black Ink Crew is also known as Shaquana Robinson is Puma’s wife and mother to their daughter Tamia. We first met her on the show when she was in labor with her daughter Tamia.


She hasn’t made a lot of entries into the show so it’s very much difficult to determine her personality. However, basing on her social media, she looks like she’s still in the honeymoon phase with her husband. The two are always seen constantly kissing and in each other’s embrace.

Not very much is known about the mother of one. With a little digging, we uncovered Quani’s birthdate as January 8th, 1987. This makes her currently 36 years old.

As for Quani’s net worth, it is currently. $1-5 million.


Also part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is Sassy, real name, Ashley Nicole Bermudez. She first came out in front of the camera after meeting up randomly with an old flame of hers named Tanyelle.

It’s unclear why they broke up but we’re making an educated guess and pointing to careers, and distance. Tanyelle is based in Vegas while our reality TV star is based in Harlem.


Sassy started off as a main cast on the show during the first 3 seasons and reduced to recurring appearances during the fourth. On the fifth, Bermudez quit and ventured into other things. Nowadays, the former Black Ink Star works as a model and features in covers of several magazines.

Born on October 18th, 1990, the model is currently 33 years old. During her time on the show, she had been romantically linked to Didi. We have no idea of who’s she’s currently dating.


Yoga Instructor Kathie Arseno was first introduced into the show as a recurring cast member and love interest of Richard Duncan/ O’S**t. Together they share a son named Achilles. The reality tv star is a very emotional and sensitive person.

She gave up him when he cheated with another girl, Anya and got her pregnant. After the incident, she went on a self-healing journey and started a wellness center called Kathie Arseno Wellness. An advocate for fitness and wellness, a painter, writer, and activist are some of the words used to describe her.


She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and does writing as a hobby. While she has given some details about her life like the fact that she lives with her sister and son, she once worked as a social worker. Other details like her net worth and age are undisclosed


While he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, he is definitely getting there. The reality Tv star, named Naeem Shariff started off as on the fourth season as a recurring cast member.

The rookie seems to be heading places as he compares himself to Puma in that they are both fathers and want to make a name of themselves.

The artist started off as an intern at a local tattoo shop where he learned the ropes of what it takes to be on the show. Working diligently, he managed to score a role on the show and is also a regular on Puma’s tattoo parlor named Art2Ink.


He is currently 32 years old and working towards achieving his own tattoo shop. Shariff is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Alexis


Joseph Felton also was known as Young Phoenix had his debut appearance on the 4th season of the show. This came after Puma had started his own tattoo shop and declared war against Ceasar. Phoenix got into the show as one of Puma’s new tattoo artists.


He may have been new to the show but that doesn’t mean he was a rookie in the business. In fact, the story of how he came to be is not for the faint-hearted. Abandoned as a child, he grew up and foster care. We all know how rough that can be.

When the star came of age, he taught himself the art and soon worked under Inkstatic in Brooklyn. Currently 35, his undisclosed net worth goes into providing for his family; 3 daughters and two sons. His relationship is also a private affair.


To finish the list is none other than Alex Robinson, also known as Alex the vagina slayer. His time at Black Ink, however short it has been had made headlines. Straight up if you look him up, you will find out that he was involved with Donna in a leaked bathroom sex tape.


Born on March 30th, 1992, the 32-year-old is the father of one. Not much is known about the baby mama since he is unmarried. However, the scandalous star did appear in Judge Mathis’ show with his ex-girlfriend who broke up with him due to his Instagram Uploads.

The videos, which have been taken down were disrespectful to her and received heavy viewership as soon as they were uploaded. Currently single, there was an episode where he confessed his love to Donna who is currently in a relationship. Talk about complicating matters.

Alex from Black Ink Crew’s net worth is currently under review.

Summary of Black Ink Crew Cast Net Worth.

Name Net worth
Ceasar $2.5 million
Sky $4 million
Donna $5 million
Ted $4 million
Walt $50 thousand
Melody $13 million
Young Bae $1-5 million
O’S**t/ Richard $1 million
Miss Kitty Unknown
Kevin Undisclosed
Alexandra Under review
Jadah Blue $6 million
Dutchess $1 million
Tifanny Perez Unknown
Puma $150 thousand
Sassie Unknown
Quani $1-5 million
Kathie Under review
Naeem Under review
Young Phoenix Undisclosed
Alex Robinson Unknown

 The Black Ink Crew cast are quite successful as seen through their net worth. While some have been reluctant to disclose information about their marital and relationship status, others are quite open with their personal information such as age, height and even bio. The list will be updated with subsequent series episodes.

Now you Know Black Ink Crew’s Net Worth.

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