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Did Big Chief Divorce with wife Allicia Shearer? Dating new girlfriend Jackie Brassch?

Did Big Chief divorce Allicia Shearer

Did big chief already move on to his girlfriend Jackie Braasch after divorcing wife Allicia Shearer? We will answer you in a while. Read on!

Justin Shearer is a brown-eyed Sagittarius. He is better known as big chief was born and raised in America from Louisville, Kentucky. He was born in 1980. He discovered his love for racing at a tender age of 9 and would often go to watch street races on Old route 66 on his bike.

It is a mad world out there when it comes to dating and romance. You can never know how long a relationship is going to last. A couple that might seem to be it might take a turn and surprise you by asking for a divorce.

Sometimes it hurts in love, but that shouldn’t mean you stop trying. Aside from being an adept racer, he is also known from outlaws. Outlaws is a Hit show aired on the Discovery Channel

Big Chief is married to ex-wife Allicia Shearer with kids

Justin first met Allicia when he was 18. Their very first meeting was at Justin’s workplace at a full-service gas station. This is what Justin has to say about his first meeting with Alicia;

Allicia came into the full-service station where I worked and that was when I first met her. I was only eighteen years old at the time. I knew from how nervous I was around her that I was in trouble. I was. She was different. Since then I have always been in trouble.

From the meeting, they had a strong relationship. They had a wedding ceremony back in 2006, 29th September. They have since had two adorable boys named Covil and Corbin.

Happy Family: Big Chief with his wife Allicia Shearer and sons

Big Chief have two kids with his ex-wife, Allicia Shearer

Source: Pinterest

There is nothing like a parents’ love for his children, and this is true in Justin’s case. He adores his sons. He has expressed his regret for not spending more time with his son.

He says he will look back on it someday and regret chasing the next big thing instead of being at home and playing with his kids. They are his biggest supporters, and they are proud of him.

What happened between Big Chief and wife Allicia Shearer? Did Big Chief divorce with his wife?

The rumors of the impending divorce between Justin and Alicia was said to be because she did not want him to be a racer. Justin could not let go of his childhood dream.

He had wanted to be a professional racer since he was 9. How can one let go of that?

Jackie Braasch was very supportive of Justin going pro. She is well known for encouraging the wives and girlfriends of racers to support their dreams.

Beautiful Couple: Big Chief and Allicia Shearer

Big Chief and wife Allicia Shearer

Source: Pinterest

Is Big chief new girlfriend Jackie Braasch?

This is the main question now. Are they dating? How long have they been together?  Was theirs a romance brewed on a TV set? Or is it mutual love of racing?

There is still no confirmation on whether Justin is really divorce and it remains speculation that he is involved with Jackie. Big Chief’s will have to wait for a confirmation on whether this is true or not.

Big chef seen outside his car with his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Big chief dating new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Source: Instagram

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