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Bianca Bonnie Net worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki Bio

Image of Bianca Bonnie Net worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki Bio

You`ve probably heard about the female rapper Young B, from Harlem, New York. Her real name is Bianca Bonnie. In this segment, we will be focusing on her career, net worth, gossips, husband/boyfriend, salary and any other relevant information about her life. Read on to know more. Bianca Bonnie Net Worth, and Salary Details. Details about her relationship with boyfriend Chozus.

Bianca Bonnie Net Worth

Bianca Bonnie is famous for the song ‘Chicken Noodle Soup,” from her first album “Webstar presents: Caught in the webs.” The album has several songs. She won the Sprite Award for the same song.

Bianca Bonnie has been a cast member of the reality TV series “Love & Hip-hop: New York” for the last three years. Reports indicate that she has been earning a salary of $15000 per episode of the show. Bianca Bonnie`s net worth is $600,000 as of 2021.

Image of TV Personality, Bianca Bonnie net worth is $600,000

TV Personality, Bianca Bonnie net worth is $600,000

Most of her income comes from performing in shows, album sales, and acting. She will also be featured in the series Respect life which will be shot in Brooklyn, New York.

Bianca Bonnie married to a husband? Or dating boyfriend?

Bianca Bonnie is now dating her boyfriend, Chozus. Very little is known about her boyfriend Chozus, but some reports confirm that he is a rapper and fashionista. He is also said to be a DJ and music producer.

Image of Bianca Bonnie with her boyfreind Chozus

Bianca Bonnie with her boyfriend Chozus

She posted his photos on her Instagram page. Bianca once stated that Chozus and her share many things in common including admiration for blue hair and the passion for making music. They seem to be the right couple. The two are both fashion-conscious and make music together.

They have collaborated on the song, “Yes I know.” The song is available on the Spotify platform. In the Fashion week, she could be seen with Chozus sitting on the front row. Chozus has one album to his name, named “Undefeated.”

Previous Relationship

Before this relationship, she had dated Jimmy Woods. There was a leaked video on the internet showing Bianca twerking. Most people thought she posted the video herself. It later turned out that it was Jimmy Woods who leaked the video.

Image of Bianca Bonnie with her ex boyfriend Jimmy Woods.

Bianca Bonnie with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Woods.

Bianca Bonnie was so angry that she punched him in the face. She even posted a photo of his swollen face on the internet. You can find the picture on Hollywood Unlocked. Bianca went ahead and told her Instagram followers that Jimmy Woods was lucky she did not bust his whole face. The post received a mixed reaction from her fans with others condemning her violent act.

Age, Birthdate

Bianca Bonnie is 30 years old, having been born on July 1st, 1991.

Wiki Bio, Family

Bianca was born and raised in Harlem, New York to Ronald and Ellen Dupree. Bianca is of African-American descent. She has five siblings. Bianca started rapping at a tender age and went to Essex Street Academy before joining New York University.

She signed her first contract at the age of 14. Bianca spent the majority of her time clubbing with DJs for them to play her music. She became famous around Harlem. Aged 16, DJ Enuff released her hit song “Chicken Noodles Soup”. The dance moves in the song were unique that Ophrah Winfrey and Chris Brown tried to copy the dance moves. She won a Sprite Award for the song.

She started tours to promote the song and her album. Before long, she became known to politicians like Ed Towns, who was a congressman. He invited her to perform at a Children`s Awareness Day. She signed a contract with Scrilla Records.

Bianca Bonnie was recognized for her dance moves when she won the ‘Best Dance Cut” category at the Soul Train Music Awards. She is now being managed by Yandy Smith, and 50 cents produced her last album. Bianca kicked off her world tour in New York. She performed most of her songs to her fans.

Image of Bianca Bonnie from Love & Hip-hop: New York show

Bianca Bonnie from Love & Hip-hop: New York show

Bianca Bonnie was involved in a lawsuit filed by her former Promoter, Arthur Smith. Smith wanted half of the proceeds she gets from her appearance on the show Love & Hip-hop: New York. She defended herself by stating that the contract expired five years ago.

Since she is very popular, Bianca has many followers on social media handles. She regularly posts photos of her in a bikini and other stuff. Her hit song, chicken noodle soup has 8 million views on YouTube. On Twitter, she has 50000 followers. You can follow her on her handle @Biancasking and also on Facebook.

Bianca Bonnie Real Name, Birthday, Salary, Wiki.

Real name: Bianca Dupree Bonnie

Birthday: July 1st, 1991

Age: 30-years old

Place of Birth: Harlem, New York

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 157 cm

Occupation: Actor and rapper

Years Active: 2006 to present

Net worth & Salary: $600,000

Marriage: No husband

Death-O-Meter: Alive

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