Bessy Gatto: Facts about Joe Gatto’s Wife

Bessy Gatto was born 37 years ago in the United States, and Aries is her birth sign. There is no more information about her place of birth, parents, family members, childhood, family background, nor her issues. Even when she got married to a charming and successful star from Hollywood, none of the above information about her family and herself made it to light. However, in December 2017, on her tweet, she disclosed and gave information that her parents are in Cali. A bold step for her. As a result, here are facts about Joe Gatto’s wife, Bessy Gatto you didn’t know about.

The couple has had an immense love for charity works. Bessy is not only a vegan but also an animal advocate. Furthermore, she spearheaded some campaigns that she started for animals against exploration. Bessy is of white ethnicity, American nationality and also believes that human beings can do without meat. Being a strict vegan, we do not know when she started her severe diet life; she is too dedicated to her lifestyle.

Who is Joe Gatto?

Joe is an actor, writer, comedian, and producer; known for the show “Impractical Jokers.” He has been its producer for over eight years now. The couple dated for some years, and they tied the in September 2013 with Reverend Vulcan officiating their ceremony. In attendance, the wedding had some celebrities including workmates, James Murray, and Brian Quinn plus their friends.

Image of Joe Gatto from TV show, Impractical Jokers

Joe Gatto from the TV show, Impractical Jokers

Joe appeared in shows like Superdude & Friend in 2005 and 12 Monkeys in 2015. He also belongs to The Tenderloins; a New York-based comedy troupe.

Bessy and Joe Gatto’s Marriage Life and Children

Bessy became famous in 2013 when she married Joe. After their marriage ceremony, Bessy added the name Gatto to her title and they have been in love and supportive of each other since 2013.

Image of Bessy Gatto with her husband Joe Gatto

Bessy Gatto with her husband, Joe Gatto

Joe Gatto and wife Bessy were blessed with two children; Milana Francis Gatto and Remington Joseph Gatto. Milana came two years later in 7th May 2015 and is a typical “daddy’s girl.”Joe often shares photos of her on pages of his social media account. Remington came into the world on 31st July 2017. As a result, Joe also took to his Instagram and captioned, “I’m excited he’s finally here.”

Image of Bessy Gatto with her kids Milana Francis Gatto and Remington Joseph Gatto

Bessy Gatto with her kids Milana Francis Gatto and Remington Joseph Gatto

The mother of two has not pursued a professional career and manages her husband’s Social media accounts. It has been her steady and decent income since Joe’s net worth holds at more than $1 million. Bessy posts most of the times on her social media accounts about Joe’s programs and television shows to promote him. Even with her significant social media fan base, she has maintained a private life and low-key relationship.

Bessy Social Media Presence and Support for Joe.

Joe Gatto’s wife is very active on Social Media. She has more than 75k followers on Instagram and over 16k followers on Twitter. As a result, she takes full advantage of the numbers to promote her husband’s work. Similarly, Bessy even announced Joe’s new show “Misery Index” that he is going to host with the Tenderloins.

Other facts known about Joe Gatto’s wife are generosity and a loving mother who is always available to support her husband and family. She is very supportive of her husband with his work and responsibilities. On one particular occasion, the mother of two appeared on Joe’s show. The setting was a dare for Joe to kiss one of the contestants. Right when he was about to do that, Bessy came into the room, making it even weirder and hard.

They are also active in charity work and advocacy for small animal groups — for instance, dog rescuing. Joe also supports anti-bullying groups and has also worked on the Hero Round Table. In recent years, mid-2018 the father of two and his wife had a third child. The love birds rarely have any public conflicts since their courtship, marriage and family period and currently, reside in California

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