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Bering Sea Gold Ken Kerr Wiki-bio, wife, marriage, age, Net Worth

Ken Kerr's Wiki-bio: net worth, wife, marriage and age

With the Summer season already upon us returns Discovery channels’ Bering Sea Gold, a show that highlights the lives of for crew as they dredge for gold at the Bottom of Bering Sea.

The show sees the return of old cast members like ‘Mr. Gold’ Shawn Pomrenke, Zeke Tenhoff, Emily Riedel, Ian Foster.

Moreover, it marks the arrival of new competitors like Ken Kerr and Dave Young, who, threaten to take over the business. Learn about the wiki-bio of the new arrival, Ken Kerr and find out about his age, wife, and marriage.

Is Bering Sea Gold’s Ken Kerr married to Wife? Any Kids?

While his reputation might precede him on the show for being a force to be reckoned with mostly because of his giant 600-ton dredging machine, the reality TV personality hasn’t had a whisper as to who he is dating or whether Ken Kerr has a wife and a married life.

As such, this makes it even more difficult to determine whether he has any kids. However, he is very fond of the locals in Nome and knows most of them have lived there for quite a while.

While we do not know whether he has already tied himself to marriage or not, the fact remains that a celebrity like him will have it next to impossible to hide information about a wife in question.

Details about Ken Kerr personal life are bound to surface sooner or later, but for now, we have to suffice with just understanding that he has no wife due to no accounts of his marriage recorded.


Ken Kerr might have made his breakthrough on entry of the show Bering Sea Gold during its tenth season which premiered on March 30th 2019, as the owner of the monstrous Myrtle Irene, a colossal gold dredger, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have much going before.

Before the fame, the new star of the show had his life cut out for him as a gold miner. So, his huge net worth roots further back than his TV career.

Days and nights were spent trying to locate and extract gold while he was in Nome. In fact, he has had over eight years of gold mining experience just in Nome. He took part in the activity mostly under the name Arctic Sea Mining in offshore gold mining.

The Kerrs were also a big name in gold mining back in the day. From a very young age, Kerr wanted to become part of the family’s source of livelihood.

He mostly spent time with his dad observing and learning a few tricks at his young age that he later exercised when he came of age on his own leading to his successful career.

Ken Kerr's Wiki-bio: net worth, wife, marriage and age

Ken Kerr from ‘Bering Sea Gold’ and his amazing net worth and wiki-bio

Kenn Kerr Net Worth and Salary

While the wrath of the TV personality reigned down on fellow cast members, already has enormous ounces of gold he mines. His hands of fortune are felt all over Alaska’s land holdings and mining equipment.

With the help of David Young and Michael Berry from Colorado, Dave McCully and Robert Saina, Ken Kerr has proved rather ambitious on purchasing of nearly 900 acres of mining leases and 380 patented mining claims in Nome.

For an undisclosed amount, the partners closed the deal recently in March and had changed the name from Nome Gold Alaska to Arctic Gold mining LLC. Details regarding Ken’s salary is still undisclosed.

However, his networth information is around $2 million.

Wiki-bio, Age

In a recent interview with The Nome Nugget, Alaska’s Oldest Newspaper, Ken Kerr was more than generous with information about his backstory. The Bering Sea Gold Star revealed that his passion for gold mining began when he was still in his youth.

He is vastly experienced and walks, talks and breathes gold mining ever since he was at a very young age of 4-years-old. His descent remains a mystery with close to no information available about his early life.

The owner of the Myrtle Irene, Kenn Kerr remains shy about his age but reveals that he was introduced to the culture by his father, a gold miner in New Mexico, where he grew up with his mom before later moving to Nome.

Bering Sea Gold Ken Kerr currently resides in California having lived in Nome for over eight years. His newly found stardom has caused there to be limited information on his wiki-bio. We, unfortunately, have only this much of insufficient wiki-bio data on him.

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