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Bargain Mansions Tamara Day Wiki-Bio, Age, Husband.

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Bargain Mansions must have been the best thing that ever happened to you if you are a fan of house renovation. Premiered on 15th November 2017 on DIY Network, the show features none other than the beautiful and adorable Tamara Day.

She has not been a celebrity force before so am not expecting you to know much about Tamara Day’s husband, married life, age, height, and other wiki details.

However, keep it here if it is your desire to unveil the mentioned details above along with Tamara Day’s net worth and salary after understanding her career life and journey.

Image of Designer, Tamar Day from Bargain Mansions net worth is not available

Designer, Tamara Day from Bargain Mansions net worth is $4 million

Bargain Mansions Tamara Day’s Married life, husband and kids

From the moment she was identified as the host of the show, you all could not keep it low about her splendid beauty which is perfectly okay. With all the beauty she bears it is obvious why you want to know about her husband.

Lucky for the renovator, she is married. Bill as the queen identifies her in her blog happened to be Tamara’s husband. Although she does not go into revealing the exact date of their marriage she states that she got married to Bill Day in 2001.

Image of Designer, Tamara Day with her husband Bill and their children

Designer, Tamara Day with her husband Bill and their children

You will be in shock to learn that Tamara Day’s husband is nothing less than her wife. If anything they share the same passion and art for renovation. No, this is not what brought the two together, but we can stay it is part of what makes them stronger together.

This is because Bargain Mansion’s hosts that it was just a coincidence that her husband was an expert in her field. It is unfortunate that we cannot author about how the two-lover bird met and their dating period as the details are left out of papers.

The most evident blessing of Tamara Day’s marriage is her four children; three sons and one exceptionally cute daughter whose details remain hidden.

Presently, we can state that Tamara Day’s marriage ranks among the best one based on the family photos she uploads on her social media platforms and the zero relationship dramas in her life so far.

Career and profession

Just because you knew her through the Bargain Mansion’s show last year does not mean that was the beginning of her career. There is a long journey behind Bargain Mansion’s host Tamara Day career. It all began when she was a little girl through assisting her dad Ward who you must have met on the show by now.

According to Bargain Mansion’s host, renovation was not her career, but a hobby which became her passion hence decided to make it her career in 2003 after meeting her husband. They worked together to buy old homes and TLC which she renovated into beautiful apartments.

Image of Designer Tamara Day From Bargain Mansions

Designer Tamara Day From Bargain Mansions

The journey of Tamara Day’s career was however not easy for the lady because she had to battle it out with her three sons but she thanks God for her husband who was always there.

Things became better in 2008 through the help of her husband and even best in 2017 after being given a spot at DIY Network. More about her incredible journey and evidence on her fine work of arts of home renovation is available on her blog called

Bargain Mansions Tamara Day Wiki-bio, age

Tamara Day was born on the 20th of August 1976, and is 47-years old at the time of writing. As far as measurements go, she stands at 1.68 meters tall. Before becoming a renovator, she was once an actress.

Quick Facts about Tamara Day

Name Tamara Day
Age 47-years old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Career Renovation
Net worth Not known
Marital status Married
Husband Bill
Children 4
Weight Not known
Height 1.68 meters

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