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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bam Bam Brown girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, bio.

Bam Bam Brown girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, bio.

Bam Bam also known as Joshua Brown is a reality TV actor based on Discovery Channel’s hit TV show called Alaskan Bush People. The show boasts over 11 seasons and follows the lives of Joshua and his extended family as they travel to different parts of Alaska and establish temporary homesteads.

So just how much do we know about the Brown family’s second born son? Find out more about his girlfriend, net worth and Wiki-bio here.

Bam Bam Brown dating Girlfrien Allison Kagan. Getting married soon?

While Bam Bam seems a loner among the rest of his family, he is definitely not flying solo. With the Brown family living a secluded life and far from civilization, one would wonder if they ever met new people, let alone interact with them into a deeper and personal level.

However, the 2nd eldest son isn’t all quiet about his girlfriend, Allison Kagan. The lovers have been seen spending a lot of time together ever since Joshua left the show in season 6.

It’s no secret that he likes doing things on his own. The two lives have been living happily together for quite a while now working and helping each other out on projects as partners.

Details regarding whether they are going to get married haven’t been revealed yet. For now, it seems Bam Bam is very satisfied with his girlfriend.

Allison, also known as Alli met Joshua on the set of the show. She is one of the producers of the show and seemed to hit it off really well with him.

They live together on a boat which was speculated to be a luxury yacht.

TV star Bam Bam Brown with his girlfriend Allison Kagan
Caption:- Bam Bam Brown with his girlfriend Allison Kagan

He clarifies that it’s not, in fact, a yacht but a magnificent boat that they personally remodeled and redesigned. They got the rush of owning a boat while on a ferry in Staten Island together.

Alli got down on research and found one almost in good shape. Together, they renamed the 1986 old boat to Fathom with a designated Twitter account that they manage together.

Net Worth, salary per episode, sources of income.

The reality TV actor’s net worth as of 2023 is approximated to be $600,000 and is believed to be earning quite a lump sum annual salary per episode. His major source of income was that of an actor as one of the major casts of the show before moving up to the city to have a change in life.

His current net worth is subject to change owing to the new career path he has chosen. Unconfirmed speculations report that he will take up roles in other TV shows.

Wiki-bio, age, and facts

Joshua Bam Bam Brown was born on September 18th, 1984, to a family of nine. Of all his four brothers and two sisters, he was the most energetic and probably why he got the name Bam Bam.

Reality show star Bam Bam Brown Wiki

Growing up in the bush for most of his life, Hunting, fishing, and tracking came naturally to him. Away from civilization, he developed a passion for things electrical and lived a solitary life reading books under his favorite tree.

The 2nd born matured as a free thinker and mostly an observer. Armed with his camera wherever he loves to capture the moments around him and make sure things remain coordinated to his liking.

In 2014, the family got to star on Discovery channel’s Alaskan Bush People that has run for seven seasons. Things were going on pretty great for the family until they got charged on multiple accounts of falsifying residency information.

The state believed that they had indeed spent more than 6 months outside Alaska and lied about it on their applications. Joshua and his father pleaded guilty in November 2015.

Things later turned okay for the 39-year-old who now lives with his girlfriend on their boat and his net worth is subject to increase in the near future.

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