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August Kilcher Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Mother, and Age

This article is in August Kilcher, the son of Charlotte and Otto Kilcher. He rose to fame after making several appearances on Alaska the Last Frontier alongside his parents.

He may not have gained popularity to match his parents, but his character garnered him the following of a good number of fans. This wiki-bio will give you more information about this star, from his childhood life, his career, love life and family background among other details.

Alaska the Last Frontier August Kilcher Net Worth

The Kilcher family is known for being talented in music and singing. August follows the same trend. He is gifted with great vocals, and this has been exhibited during a number of musical events he participated in during his high school education.

His father boasts the ownership of a huge tract of land that he inherited from his grandparents. August Kilcher has a fair share of this land to his name.

Currently, August Kilcher is still studying; nonetheless, he has some assets under his name. His net worth is approximately $100,000.

This may sound small but given the fact that he juggles both work and studies, August Kilcher’s net worth could be described as impressive.

August Kilcher’s Mother is Charlotte Kilcher and Otto is his father. Know His Siblings (Torrey Kilcher and Eivin Kilcher)

August Kilcher’s parents

August is the fourth born to his family. August Kilcher is a son of Father Otto Kilcher and his mother is Charlotte Kilcher. His siblings are Levi, Torrey, and Eivin. August and Torrey Kilcher are both from Charlotte’s first marriage.

However, despite being their stepfather, Otto Kilcher loves all his children selflessly and they all have a natural father-son relationship.

August featured in a few episodes in The Last Frontier. In the cast, he is along with his parents, his brother Eivin Kilcher and his wife Eve Kilcher. Currently, August lives in Oregon.

Is August Kilcher Dating?

August has not opened up about any girlfriend yet. Nonetheless, there are speculations that he and a pretty girl called Megan could be an item. This still remains just a rumor.

Well, of course, August is still young and we wish him all the best when he officially decides to begin dating.

August Kilcher with Megan


Born in 1997, August Kilcher is one of the sons of Otto Kilcher and Charlotte Kilcher. Otto Kilcher is his stepfather.

He was born and raised in Alaska. He also attended his high school in this city.

Going by his birth-date, August is currently 26-years old. He must be a happy soul for rising to fame at such a tender age. Well, it runs in his family.

August Kilcher is an Electrical Engineering student at the Oregon State University. He lives in Oregon since he enrolled in this university. He, however, makes regular visits to Homer, which helps him create time to help his parents with whatever they may require at the homestead.

August Kilcher stars at Alaska the Last Frontier, a reality TV show that airs on Discovery TV. The show features lives in the wilderness of Alaska and is based in the homestead of the Kilcher’s. The family strives to beat all odds and paints life in the wilderness as an enjoyable one.

Name: August Kilcher
Date of birth: 1997
Age: 26 years
Profession: Electrical Engineer, TV Personality
Parents: Otto Kilcher and Charlotte Kilcher

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