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Auctioneer Mark Stacey Dead? His net worth, wife, married, in Wiki-bio

Mark Stacey's wife, net worth, wiki and bio

Mark Stacey is famously known as a collector, valuer, and auctioneer of almost priceless and rare antiques who appears on BBC shows like Bargain Hunt. While the TV personality is very conspicuous from the rest of the cast, mostly due to his Welsh accent, the internet has been buzzing with fans asking about his supposed untimely death.

In any case, learn whether Mark Stacey is married or not. This article reveals about this antique Expert’s net worth and wife through his wiki-bio.

Mark Stacey isn’t Dead. He is very much alive? What’s up with the death rumor?

Mark is alive and as healthy as a horse. Judging from his career, he’s probably tracing down some old antique somewhere. Stories of his death stirred up the internet and forums with fans from Flog it! Worried about him being alive.

The death rumours seemingly came from the report of a 40-year-old Plymouth man who was reported missing back in October 2017.

Efforts by the police and the general public proved fruitful when he was eventually found alive and well. The man, also named Mark Stacey – had left his home and rode his red and black quad bike in a distressed state.

So, while unfortunate, it was not the celebrity Mark Stacey that people were concerned to be dead.

Mark Stacey Net worth is $ Million in 2023.

The bulk of Mark’s income comes from over two decades of his life that he has dedicated to antiques. His salary is not yet known to the public, but it is believed to be substantial owing to his luxurious life after a look at his net worth.

Mark Stacey’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million and constitutes the fortune he has gathered as far back as working as a residential social worker.

A commendable chunk of his income comes from his appearances in television series such as Bargain Hunt, Flog it! And Antiques Road Trip.

Mark Stacey's wife, net worth, wiki and bio

Mark Stacey’s net worth, wiki, and bio

Other sources include the sales he made off an ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus that he sold for $13,500 while working as an auctioneer and valuer at an auction house.

He has worked in several other auction houses, including the famous Bonhams and Sotheby auction houses. All of these multiple sources go into making his incredible net worth

He owns an antique shop in Kemptown, East Essex himself.

Career TV Show that gave him a $5 Million Net Worth.

Mark Stacey’s breakthrough was while he was still working at auction houses when he stumbled upon an advert that prompted him to audition for a TV role in one of BBC’s shows as an antique expert. The interview took place in Bristol, where he got handpicked for the job.

His debut into the spotlight was on the show Flog it! He later made appearances on Bargain Hunt and Put your money where your mouth is.

Image of Caption: Mark Stacey and Christina Trevanion.

Caption: Mark Stacey and Christina Trevanion in the tv show Put The Money Where Your Mouth Is

His career skyrocketed to instant fame, and he got selected for an interview with BBC’s The Daily Politics. Since then, he can be seen on various auction adventures on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.

Is Mark Stacey Married? Who is the wife/partner?

This antique expert’s personal life is devoid of facts. As far as we know, Mark Stacey is not married, so he does not have a wife, and neither does he have kids of his own, but he lives with his Spanish partner, Santiago.

The two have lived in Brighton since 2012. Not much is known about Santiago other than the fact that Mark’s cooking skills have significantly improved ever since they started living together.

In an interview with Sussex Life, he reveals that when he’s busy gracing our television sets in the shows, Santiago takes over and Mans the shop.

image of Mark Stacey and a woman who looks like his wife.

But we have found some pictures that might say something about his relationship, but all off the record.

Now, we found some images that question his relationship status, but he hasn’t officially stated anything to hint towards his relationship or getting married to this woman.

In an image posted on his Twitter account, antique expert Mark Stacey is seen having dinner with a woman. Is she Mark Stacey’s Wife? or girlfriend?

Looking at the picture, we think she could be Mark Stacey’s girlfriend. The image was posted on 16 Dec 2016.Auctioneer Mark Stacey having dinner with his partner, possible wife

Now, we are not saying Mark Stacey is married because a photo wouldn’t be evidence unless, of course, the image is about their wedding. We are just revealing what we found during our research.

Wiki-bio, Age

Mark Stacey’s beginnings are mostly under wraps, with not much information about his early childhood and education.

However, he was born in Neath, South Wales, on September 23rd, 1964, to a family of six. He has three siblings, two sisters and a brother.

The 59-year-old’s passion for history made him leave his work as a residential social worker and set up an antique shop with very little knowledge of the business.

With limited capital, he opted to work for auction houses, slowly building the career that soon made him famous worldwide.

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